Register for emergency notifications via Leta911.

We also maintain an emergency information line at (970) 498-5500 where important incident information is recorded as needed. In significant events, we frequently staff our Information Center and respond to questions with public information officers as well. Much of the same emergency information will also be posted to the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management webpage.

Although it is not a county resource, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from sudden violent weather is to stay informed; and the best way to do that is to purchase a weather radio. These devices, available for a minimal price at stores that sell electronic equipment, will automatically activate with a voice message from the National Weather Service, day or night, to inform you of severe conditions in your area. You will receive critical information at the same time it is received by our dispatch center and other law enforcement agencies.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office appreciates hearing from citizens regarding their encounters with our employees.  Your comments are a useful tool for us to improve our service to you.

To make a comment, either call the Comment Line at (970) 498-5187 or leave a comment online.

If you have additional information or have questions regarding an ongoing investigation, please contact the deputy who responded to your call.  If you do not know the name of the deputy who handled your case, please contact the Records Department at (970) 498-5110.

To request traffic enforcement in unincorporated Larimer County, please leave a message on the Traffic Line at (970) 498-5357.  We will do our best to respond to your concern as soon as possible.

This service is for reporting chronic traffic problems in a specific location. Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and as much information as possible, i.e., cross streets, time of day problem occurs, etc.

If you want to report a traffic incident that is currently in progress, please call the 24-hour non-emergency number at (970) 416-1985.

To request a vacation check at your home, please call the 24-hour non-emergency line at (970) 416-1985 and provide them with your address and the dates you will be gone.  You may also make a request online.

Deputies will have your information available and as time permits, will check on your residence.

Vacation checks are intended to be short term and we cannot guarantee deputies will be able to check your residence at specific times or intervals.

Burn Permit

Within Larimer County, an Open Burn Permit must be obtained prior to any ignitions occurring on private land. An Open Burn Permit applies to prescribed fires intentionally used for grassland or forest management, including vegetative, habitat, or fuel management. This definition includes both broadcast and pile burning. Open Burning does not include burning in the course of agricultural operations and does not include burning for the purpose of maintaining water conveyance structures.  Apply for and learn more about burn permits.

Explosives Permit

Explosives permits are issued and regulated by the Colorado State Department of Labor & Employment

Questions regarding the regulation of explosives permits should be directed to the Department of Labor & Employment at (303) 318-8519 or (303) 318-8552.

Criminal Background Check / Fingerprinting

When you are ready to apply for an explosives permit, having complied with all Department of Labor & Employment requirements, you will be directed to obtain a criminal background check.  If your place of business is located within Larimer County, you should request a criminal background check at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

When your application is complete, bring the application packet to the front desk at the Sheriff's Office administration building located at 2501 Midpoint Drive in Fort Collins.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete and all applicable documents are notarized and included.  The Sheriff's Office will not check the application packet for accuracy or completeness.

If the Department of Labor & Employment requires a fee with the application, the payment should be included with the application packet (no cash).

The applicant should provide a pre-addressed and pre-stamped/metered envelope.  The applicant must ensure that there is enough postage on the envelope as the Sheriff's Office will not pay to have the application sent to the Department of Labor & Employment.

The criminal background check will generally be completed by the Sheriff's Office within 10 days of receipt of the application packet at the front desk.  The application packet will be immediately sealed and sent to the Department of Labor & Employment.  This is done to preserve the integrity of the criminal background check.

Sheriff's Office Fees:
Fingerprinting;  $20
Explosives permit criminal background check;  no charge

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office and Crywolf co-manage our local false alarm reduction efforts in unincorporated Larimer County.  Larimer County developed an Ordinance in 2005 that requires permits for burglar alarm systems installed in both commercial and residential properties within unincorporated Larimer County.  Properties inside town and city limits are exempt.

Business and homeowners should know that any burglar alarm system installed that may result in the response by the Sheriff's Office requires a permit, which must be applied for at the time of installation.  The first year cost to you is $50.00, and renewals cost $25.00 annually.  Alarm installation companies are also required to pay for permits to operate within unincorporated Larimer County.

All burglar alarm related business is managed by our program administrator, Crywolf.  You can register your alarm online and click on "New Alarm Users."  Or, you may print the Registration from the website, complete the form, make your check payable to "Larimer County False Alarm Reduction Program," and mail the completed form along with your checks to:

Larimer County False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 17446
Denver, CO 80217-0446

All payments must be sent to the above address.  Do not send payments to the Sheriff's Office.

The website also provides the ability to renew your registration, pay your fees, review and manage your account history, communicate with the program administrator, read tips on reducing false alarms, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

If you do not have internet access, please call Crywolf's toll free number at 1-866-546-1652 to register your alarm and receive information via telephone.

You may contact the program liaison at the Sheriff's Office at (970) 498-5110 if your questions and concerns cannot be answered through the Crywolf toll free number and/or website. 

Refer to the instructions on the back of your citation.  If you have questions or have lost your copy of the citation, please visit the Larimer County Citizen Information Center page.

Fort Collins Police Services participates in a daily drug take-back program allowing residents to safely dispose of unused, unneeded, and expired over-the-counter and prescription medications.  Please visit the FCPS website for more information including times, restrictions, and locations.

Please call (970) 498-5100, option 6