You can submit your W-9 form to Larimer County online using this secure form, or fax the completed W-9 to (970) 498-5942. You are not required to sign the certification (W-9 form), but you must provide your correct name and TIN. By submitting a W-9, you are certifying that the tax ID number you are providing is correct and accurate.

If you have any questions, contact Finance at (970) 498-5940 or (970) 498-5937.

Submit your W-9

Select your W-9 file to submit. Download blank W-9 file.

  • Save the file on your computer.
  • Fill out the PDF form (you will have to have a PDF reader installed on your computer, such as Adobe Reader. It is available as a free download)
  • Open the print menu
  • Select "Adobe PDF" or other PDF printers/writers
  • Hit the print button (the document won't actually print). You'll be given the option to specify the file name and location.
  • Save the form again.
  • Upload the new file using the utility below.
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