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February 19, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting

January 23, 2020 Task Force Meeting

October 30, 2019 Task Force Meeting

September 25, 2019 Task Force Meeting

August 15, 2019 Task Force Meeting

July 18, 2019 Task Force Meeting

June 20, 2019 Task Force Meeting  

Task Force Information

Oil & Gas Task Force Charter

Task Force Members Bio

Task Force members will be responsible for the following tasks:

Learn about and understand the extent of local jurisdiction authority in Colorado regarding oil and gas regulations.

Monitor and respond to state legislative changes that might affect local authority regarding oil and gas regulations.

Review examples of regulations from other Colorado counties (e.g., Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, and Weld) and determine what approaches may work for Larimer County. Topics to address may include but are not limited to:  review procedures, notification and meetings, standards for water supply and quality, drainage, air quality, land disturbance, environment and natural resources, pipelines, operational methods, traffic management, roads and access, noise and visual impacts, traffic impact fees, emergency preparedness, financial assurance and decommission, and other mitigation measures.   

Review and provide input on draft oil and gas regulations developed by County staff, striving to reach agreement to advise staff, Planning Commission, and Board of County Commissioners. 

Provide a recommendation related to final set of oil and gas regulations. 

During the process, give advice and feedback regarding community engagement strategies for the project.