If you are active duty military personnel and are temporarily living in the State of Colorado, you have two options for vehicle registration. If you are maintaining an out of state driver's license, you may also keep the out of state license plates on your vehicle. You will however be required to comply with the State of Colorado emissions and insurance requirements.

If you are going to be in the State of Colorado for an extended period of time and are planning on obtaining Colorado license plates and registration, certain criteria must be met. The Larimer County Motor Vehicle Department will require an emissions test, verification of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), completion of form DR2667 – Affidavit of Non-residence and Military Service Exemption from Specific Ownership Tax, and proof of insurance. See proof of insurance requirements

Completion of a DR2667 form can be done if:

  • You are active duty military assigned to the State of Colorado
  • The vehicle must be physically located in the State of Colorado
  • You claim out of state residency
  • A new DR2667 form must be submitted each year with renewal, or registration of new vehicle
  • The individual who is on active duty must show as owner or co-owner of the vehicle

If you are a disabled veteran, you may quality for one free set of D/V license plates if you meet the qualifications and can provide the required documents. Please review the Disabled Veteran License Plate Checklist and complete the DR 2380 – Disabled Veteran License Plate Application.

This free plate is issued and renewed at your county vehicle licensing office. Qualified persons may also request additional Disabled Veteran plates by providing proof of registration for current Disabled Veteran. The applicant's name must match the name on the title to the vehicle which will be displaying the special plates. In the case of a leased vehicle, the name must match the "in care of" name on the registration. If a vehicle is titled in the name of a Trust and the beneficiary of this trust qualifies for a special plate their name must be shown in the "in care of" section of the registration.

This plate does not qualify for Persons With Disability parking privileges.

Any person who can demonstrate being 50% or more Permanent Service-Connected Disabled and physical impairment verified in writing by a Colorado licensed physician, an advanced practice nurse, or a Commissioned Medical Officer.

This plate does qualify for Persons With Disability parking privileges.


  • A copy of letter from the Veteran Administration or letter from their branch of service stating that the qualifying person is 50% or more Permanent Service-Connected Disabled
  • A copy of the verified written physical impairment letter
  • A completed Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges form

Please note: For assistance in ensuring correct documentation is being submitted and to speed up the issuance process, please print and use the Disabled Veteran License Plate Checklist.