Below are some of the legal and practical considerations the County Clerk's office uses when determining the location of a Vote Center in Larimer County.

Legal Considerations (beginning with the statute references for each):

1-5-102.7 (2) and (4): Require that Vote Centers have secure electronic connection (such as T1 lines) to the pollbook.

1-5-102.7 (6): Requires that Vote Centers are in compliance with federal law. This would include the "Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act" of 1984 which generally requires polling places to be accessible to people with disabilities for federal elections (more info is available at

1-5-102.7 (3): Sets a population requirement for Vote Centers (one Vote Center for every 10,000 active registered voters).

1-5-102.7 (5): Requires that we consult with the major and minor political parties during site selection.

Practical Considerations:

  • The number of Vote Centers in each geographic region needs to meet the voting population of that region (e.g. there are several in Fort Collins but only one in Red Feather Lakes).
  • The site must have the square footage necessary to accommodate voting equipment and to meet anticipated voter turnout.
  • There must be adequate parking, preferably on-site with good lighting and some parking spaces that are close to the building so they can be reserved for voters with disabilities.
  • Locations on bus routes and major thoroughfares are preferable, for easy voter access.
  • Easily identifiable buildings within the community are preferable, because they are easier for voters to locate.
  • The site must be available for our use the day before (setup), Election Day and the day after (breakdown), and cannot be used for another event during this time.
  • When possible, it is preferable to use the same locations year after year so that voters become familiar with where they can go to vote.
  • While many schools would make great Vote Centers, most schools prefer not to be used as Vote Centers because of their concern that opening the doors of schools to the general public may create a security concern for the children there.
  • In consideration of fiscal responsibility, preference is given to donated space, but other low-cost options are sought if a donated space is not available or cannot meet the necessary location criteria.

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a site, please contact the County Clerk & Recorder's Elections office at (970) 498-7820.