Emergency Alerts & Updates

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Text the word LCEVAC to 888777 to receive text message updates about Cameron Peak Fire

We hope you find this webpage useful and we are updating the page as new information becomes available.

Joint Information Center 970-980-2500

The Cameron Peak Fire Joint Information Center (JIC) is open daily from 8a - 5p as needed.  Call 970-980-2500 to hear a recording of the most current information and the option to speak to a call-taker while the JIC is open.

Shelter Assistance & Credentials:


  • Shelter assistance for those in evacuation areas is available from the Red Cross.  Call 970-324-3211.
  • Small animal shelter is available via the Larimer Humane Society, call 970-226-3647 ext. 7 (companion animals and barnyard animals up to the size of sheep/goats).
  • Large animal shelter or evacuation assistance is available via the LCSO Posse, call 970-443-3231.


  • Credentialing will also be offered for residents in current Mandatory Evacuation areas September 28 - October 1, 9am-5pm, at Fort Collins City Hall, 300 Laporte Ave.  Please email or call 970-732-3036 prior to arriving.
  • Check here for more information regarding how credentials work. 

Resources for Residents Impacted by 2020 Wildfires

Evacuation Info: 970-980-2501 (8a - 8p) - call for info about evacuations, road closures, accessing your property, etc. You may have to leave a message, but calls will be returned until 8 p.m.

Fire info: 970-541-1008 (US Forest Service)

Shelter info:  970-498-7120 (Larimer OEM)

Large animal evacs:  970-443-3231  (LCSO)

Small animal evacs:  970-226-3647 x7 (Larimer Humane Society)

Air quality concerns:  970-498-5500 (Larimer County Health)

Questions about the credentialing process:  970-498-5855

There is a fire ban in unincorporated Larimer County effective Aug. 18 through Oct 30.

There is a fire ban on National Forest lands effective July 21.


  1. If you live in or own property in a voluntary evacuation area, you will be granted access as long as it is safe at that time.  You'll need to show proof that you belong there (Larimer County issued credential, driver's license, utility bill, etc.).  If you live in or own property in a mandatory evacuation area, the same may apply but access will be more limited based on fire activity, road conditions, etc.  

    If you work in an evacuation area and must report for work, explain your situation to the person at the roadblock.  Decisions to allow access will be made on a case-by-case basis at the time you arrive at the roadblock.

    There are several reasons you may be denied access: fire activity, firefighter activity, road conditions, etc.

    ***As of 09/20 a new roadblock was placed at CR74E and CR37.  Residents in voluntary evacuation areas along CR74E may go west on CR74E with proper credentials.  No one else will be allowed past this roadblock going west.  Anyone may travel east on CR74E to evacuate.***

  2. A credential issued by Larimer County Office of Emergency Management will speed things up, but it is not required as long as you can provide proof you belong there and it is safe for you to enter.

  3. We are trying to make sure only the people who belong in evacuation areas are entering.  If you have someone coming to help you and they do not have proof of residency/ownership, they will be denied access at the roadblock if you are not with them.  You can coordinate with your friend/family member and meet them outside the roadblock.  Then have them follow you to the roadblock, show your proof of residency/ownership, and explain that the friend/relative is there to help you evacuate.  It should be fine if they gain access with you and it is safe to do so at that time.

  4. As of 09/10/2020, we are only aware of damage in two areas:  Highway 14 and Monument Gulch areas.  A Damage Assessment Team (DAT) began assessing property along Highway 14 on 09/10 and completed work on 9/11.  The Poudre Canyon Fire Chief and a team of Larimer County Sheriff's Office and Office of Emergency Management officials contact the individuals with damaged structures.  They were also given information about how to contact Larimer OEM for help with resources.

    All individuals with known damaged structures were contacted and provided details regarding resources.

    We are not aware of any other damage to residential structures inside the fire perimeter.

  5. For most areas, you can access your property as conditions allow. Areas that suffered significant structural damage will remain secured until such time as it is safe to allow access, infrastructure for emergency services communications is restored, and security to allow access only for those who require it is in place.

    Due to the complexity of achieving these objectives, there is not currently an estimated time on opening access to damaged areas.  You may call the Joint Information Center (970-980-2500) between 8a-8p to speak to a call-taker who will attempt to get you authorization to access your property.  Your odds are better early in the morning when fire activity is lower.  The fire is typically more active late morning into the afternoon/evening.

  6. See the top of this page for current credential information. 

    You do not need an issued credential to access your property, but it will expedite the process of passing through security points. Having a Larimer County issued credential will not guarantee access, the criteria mentioned in “When can I access my property?” must be achieved prior to any access being granted.

  7. All evacuation orders are driven by fire activity and life safety.  All current mandatory evacuation orders on the north end of the fire will remain in effect as long as the fire remains active in/around the "thumb" of the fire and until adequate containment is achieved in this area.  The same applies to voluntary evacuation orders along CR74E.  If the fire reaches Manhattan Road, the voluntary evacuations along CR74E will change to mandatory.

    The mandatory evacuation areas along Highway 14 and south will remain in effect until the fire team and sheriff's office feel it is safe to downgrade them.  There is still some fire activity along Highway 14 near the Fish Hatchery and many areas south of Highway 14 still do not have power.  We are constantly evaluating these areas and will announce evacuation status changes when appropriate.

  8. The US Postal Service is holding all mail for Red Feather Lakes and Crystal Lakes at the Bellvue Post Office, 5301 Rist Canyon Road.  You may pick up your mail there.

    Glacier View mail is still being delivered to homes by the Livermore Post Office.