Community Development COVID-19 Operations

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we are temporarily changing how we provide our services. Please read the Full Statement here.

We have developed guidelines for temporary outdoor expansion of businesses under state and county public health guidelines.
Please read those guidelines here
See individual statements for Building, Code Compliance, Engineering and Planning



Chief Building Official
Eric Fried
(970) 498-7705
Email Eric

Business Operations Supervisor
Jennifer Fisher
(970) 498-7717
Email Jennifer

Lead Plans Examiner
Juan Mancha
(970) 498-7665
Email Juan

Lead Building Inspector
Mark Tewsley
(970) 498-7703
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Plans Examiners

Plans Examiner
Charlie Phillips
(970) 498-7714
Email Charlie

Plans Examiner
Alan Kee
(970) 498-7663
Email Alan

Plans Examiner

(970) 498-7707

Building Permit Technicians

Permit Technician
Hannah Suppes
(970) 498-7709
Email Hannah

Permit Technician
Kathy Harding
(970) 577-2102
Email Kathy

Permit Technician
Katie James
(970) 498-7704
Email Katie

Permit Technician
Debby Johnson
(970) 498-7668
Email Debby

Building Inspectors

Building Inspector
Ron Crego
(970) 498-7701
Email Ron

Building Inspector
Roger Ulmer
(970) 498-7662
Email Roger

Building Inspector
Richard Vanvalkenburg
(970) 577-2100
Email Richard

Building Inspector
Sam Scruggs
(970) 498-7677
Email Sam

Building Inspector
Claude Traufield
(970) 498-7710
Email Claude

Electrical Inspector
Jim Johnson
(970) 498-7713
Email Jim

Electrical Inspector
Rod Roberts
(970) 498-7715
Email Rod