You do it every month: open your utility bills, view the amount due and ask how you used so much.

It might not be you. Instead, it might be things in your house causing you to use more energy or water than you should.

Water-hungry toilets, inefficient sinks and shower heads, older appliances with an endless appetite for water and electricity --- even old light bulbs contribute to devouring more energy --- leading to high utility bills. And using two or more appliances at the same time increases energy use, too.

The fix might be a visit from the Larimer County Conservation Corps [LCCC] Water and Energy Program team which provides Fort Collins Utilities and Loveland Water and Power customers a home efficiency assessment to reduce energy and water resources.

With a basic home efficiency assessment customers are provided free products like LED light bulbs, retractable clotheslines, aerators and high-efficiency toilets. LCCCs teams can also suggest other simple steps to make your home less hungry for energy and resources, while lowering utility bills

Fort Collins Utilities and Loveland Water and Power have joined forces with the LCCC to provide these services free to their customers through May 2019.

While conserving energy is financially beneficial, it helps reduce our carbon footprint, keeps the air we breathe cleaner, and helps conserve natural resources.

Visit  to sign up for a free home efficiency assessment, space is limited.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 1:08pm
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Dan Mariotti,, [970] 498-6660

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