Please click on the appropriate location in the table below for detailed requirements and restrictions. See Landfill Fees for disposal costs.

Take a look at the Landfill Map to view the facility layout. Landfill – Disposal Area, Green Waste – Green Waste Area, Household Hazardous Waste – Hazardous Waste Facility, Business Hazardous Waste – Hazardous Waste Facility, Electronics Recycling – Electronics, Recycling – Recycle Bins.


Waste item Location
Acetylene Tanks Not accpeted on site
Aerosols Hazardous Waste Facility
Alarm clocks Electronics Recycling
Aluminum cans Recycling
Ammunition Hazardous Waste Facility
Animal carcasses Landfill with restrictions
Antifreeze Hazardous Waste Facility
Appliances Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Appliances with freon Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Asbestos Landfill *non-friable only, friable not accepted
Barrels and drums Landfill *container crushed or with holes punched in both ends – holes minimum of 1’ diameter and sufficient quantity
Batteries Hazardous Waste Facility
Boats Landfill
Brake fluid Hazardous Waste Facility
Branches, shrubs, yard waste Green Waste
Campers (in truck bed style) Landfill
Campers (pull behind) Landfill *accompanied with title
Canned food Landfill *quantities less than 5 gallons; larger amounts accepted if liquid is removed
Car batteries Hazardous Waste Facility
Car bodies Landfill *must be accompanied by title
Car care products Hazardous Waste Facility
Carpet Landfill
Cell phones Hazardous Waste Facility or Electronics Recycling
CFL light bulbs (Compact Fluorescent)  Hazardous Waste Facility
Chemical containing equipment Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Chemical waste from a laboratory Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Chemically contained demolition debris Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Cleaners Hazardous Waste Facility
Cleanup residues from spills or releases Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Closed cartridge filter from dry cleaning establishments Not accepted on site
Commercial products or chemicals, off specification, outdated, contaminated or banned Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Compressed gas cylinders Landfill *cylinder completely empty with valve assembly removed
Computers and peripherals Electronics Recycling
Cooking oil Hazardous Waste Facility
Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags Recycling
Dryers Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Electronics Electronics Recycling
Exercise Equipment Landfill
Fax machines Electronics Recycling
Fertilizers Hazardous Waste Facility
Fireworks Hazardous Waste Facility
Fluorescent light bulbs Hazardous Waste Facility
Fluorescent light fixtures Metal Recycling *remove ballast and take to Hazardous Waste Facility
Furniture Landfill
Gasoline Hazardous Waste Facility
Gasoline tanks, from motor vehicles Landfill *tank empty and no remaining fumes
Glass bottles and jars Recycling
Glue and adhesive Hazardous Waste Facility
Grease trap waste – food prep areas Landfill *must pass EPA paint filter test
Hot tubs Landfill
Incandescent light bulb Landfill
Ink cartridges Hazardous Waste Facility
Lawn mowers Landfill *all fluids drained
Lead acid batteries Hazardous Waste Facility
LED light bulbs Landfill
Liquids, bulk Not accepted on site *defined by EPA paint filter test
Lumber and pallets Green waste *dimensional lumber and pallets okay
Materials contaminated with PCB’s Not accepted on site
Mattresses Landfill
Medical and biological waste Case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Medication, over the counter only Hazardous Waste Facility
Mercury Hazardous Waste Facility
Microwave ovens Electronics Recycling
Mobile homes Landfill *must follow disposal procedure
Motor oil Hazardous Waste Facility
Motorcycles Landfill *must be accompanied with title
Newspapers and magazines Recycling
Office paper Recycling
Oxygen Tanks Not accepted on site
Paint Hazardous Waste Facility
Paperboard and low-grade paper Recycling
Pesticides Hazardous Waste Facility
Photocopiers Electronics Recycling
Plastic containers Recycling
Pool chemicals Hazardous Waste Facility
Prescription medications Off-site: Fort Collins Police Services, CDHPE Medication Takeback
Printers, toner cartridges Electronics Recycling
Propane tanks Hazardous Waste Facility *must be grill sized or smaller
Radioactive waste Not accepted on site *if approved by State Dept of Health, case by case basis – call (970) 498-5760
Refrigerators Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Road flares Hazardous Waste Facility
Sharps Hazardous Waste Facility
Shredded paper Recycling
Sludge from waste water treatment facility Landfill *must be approved by State Dept of Health and Board of County Commissioners prior to disposal
Smoke detectors Not accepted on site
Soil contaminated with petroleum products, other than gasoline or diesel fuel Not accepted on site
Solvents Hazardous Waste Facility
Stain Hazardous Waste Facility
Steel/tin cans Recycling
Stereos Electronics Recycling
Styrofoam Landfill
Tires Landfill
Trailers Landfill *must be accompanied with title
TVs Electronic Recycling
Underground storage tanks Landfill *accepted if tank cut in half (at minimum) and no remaining sludge or liquid
VCRs, DVD players Electronics recycling
Washing machines Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Waste from mechanically processed fruit, vegetables or grains Landfill *no contamination from pesticide, additive or other chemical residue; must pass EPA paint filter test
Water heaters Resource Recovery Area of the landfill
Wood and tree limbs Green Waste *must be 6’ long and 2’ in diameter or smaller