Larimer County Publications

Other Helpful Guides, Books and Brochures

  • Weeds of the West, Whitson et al. - One of the most extensively read weed identification books published, with life cycles and identification characteristics of more than 350 species considered weedy across the western U.S.
  • Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West, Joe Ditomaso - Offers life cycles and identification characteristics of aquatic and riparian weeds.
  • Aquatic Nuisance Species Pocket Guide, Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United States, Eric Coombs - Reviews biological control agents and effectiveness for management of noxious weeds. Includes techniques for release, identification of agents and symptoms, monitoring and geographical range.
  • Biological Control of Noxious Weeds in Colorado, Colorado Department of Agriculture - Provides information on the Palisade Insectary, use of biological control agents and how to get them from the insectary.
  • Biology and Management of Noxious Rangeland Weeds, Roger Sheley - Describes the most important noxious weed species in the western U.S. and various methods of management.
  • Fundamentals of Weed Science, Robert L. Zimdahl - A comprehensive textbook for understanding all concepts of weed science.
  • Garden Smart Colorado, Colorado Weed Management Association - Highlights native and non-invasive alternatives to some ornamental noxious weeds. View the booklet.
  • Invasive Plants of Range and Wildlands and Their Environmental, Economic, and Societal Impacts, Celestine Duncan - Summarizes scientific literature regarding economic, environmental and societal losses to range and wildlands caused by 16 key invasive plants in the U.S.
  • Noxious Weeds of Colorado, Colorado Weed Management Association - Spiral-bound, 220-page book featuring photos and descriptions of Colorado's noxious weeds.
  • Weeds of the Great Plains, James Stubbendeck, Mitchell Coffen, L.M. Landholt - Offers descriptions and pictures of weeds from the Great Plains.