Stay Safe on Trails during Covid-19
Recommendations to keep you safe and minimize impacts

  • Be prepared before heading out.  Check COTREX for trail condition warnings and closure reports.
  • Stay near home to recreate. 
  • Keep your group small. Recreate only with people from your own household. 
  • Bring your own personal hand sanitizer and use your restroom at home before arriving.
  • Stay on trail to avoid damage – step off, do not walk off.
  • Wear a cloth mask AND stay 6 feet away from others  (while in heavily populated parking lots and trail junctions). 
  • Avoid crowds. Go early in the morning or late in the day. Check webcams before you arrive.  
  • Be flexible. If you arrive at a trailhead and its full, think twice before getting out of the car. 
  • Avoid unnecessary driving, risky pursuits, or remote locations that may put a burden on first responders. 
  • Follow all park regulations - leash your dog and only park in designated areas.
  • Be kind, have patience, and send a smile and wave along the trail. 

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Pinewood Reservoir trails are listed under Ramsey Shockey.