The child care and school health and safety programs protect public health by conducting inspection of public and private schools, child care operations, and other institutions that serve children and by promoting compliance with applicable state regulations through education and enforcement.

  • We use Rules and Regulations Governing the Health and Sanitation of Child Care Facilities in the State of Colorado to evaluate child care operations including the preparation and service of food, as well as general sanitation and disease and injury control measures in place within the facility
  • Use the Rules and Regulations Governing Schools in the State of Colorado to evaluate all schools Kindergarten through grade 12. Areas inspected include condition of general grounds, safety of water supply, proper sewage and refuse disposal, control of insects/rodents/classroom animals, plumbing, safety of equipment and supplies, food service, lab/art/vocational hazards, health services, and proper operation of mechanical systems
  • Review construction plans and inspect new or extensively remodeled institutional operations.
  • Conduct illness outbreak investigations and follow up on public complaints.