Violent Crimes per 100K Inhabitants


Aggravated Assault (2018)
U.S.: 246.8
Robbery (2018)
U.S.: 86.2
Murder (2018)
U.S.: 5.0
Rape (2018)
U.S.: 42.6
Rate per 100K Inhabitants, Fort Collins M.S.A

What is this measure? This includes voluntary reporting from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States on violent crime counts occurring within counties and reported as a rate normalized by 100,000 people. This measures only crimes known to law enforcement. Violent crimes are defined as aggravated assault, robbery, murder (and non-negligent manslaughter) and rape.

Why do we track this? Violent crime prevalence is used as a proxy for community safety.
Aggravated assault generally makes up the largest component of violent crimes. Northern Colorado metro areas have relatively low rates of violent crime as compared to the United States as a whole.
*Denver-Aurora-Lakewood uses values for previous M.S.A definition as Denver-Aurora-Broomfield (2008-2011) and Denver-Aurora (2006-2007). Some years of data are missing for Boulder and Pueblo.
What are some limitations of this data source? Some of the crime definitions change making comparisons across years problematic. Reporting is voluntary and also due to reporting consistency issues some years of data for some areas are incomplete or missing. Crimes reported through this source come from law enforcement agencies, and the data does not reflect prosecutions for crime. Individual exposure rates to crime have multiple risk factors, which are not addressed by this statistic.

Why did we use this source? This source allows for limited comparison between different counties throughout the country. Other complementary sources for crime and justice related statistics are listed below.

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