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Larimer County, City of Loveland, and City of Fort Collins have adopted the Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards. These Standards apply to the design and construction of new and reconstructed streets within the two cities and within the Growth Management Areas for Fort Collins and Loveland within Larimer County.

AutoCAD (ver. 2014) Original Drawings and Figures

Proposed Changes

The City of Fort Collins, City of Loveland and Larimer County Board of Commissioners are working on updating the Larimer County Urban Area Street Standards in 2019.  The proposed changes will be posted below on approximately a monthly basis beginning Spring of 2019.  If you would like to receive email updates, please subscribe using the link at the top of this page.

Open House Q & A 01/28/2021

Development Review

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Larimer County Engineering Department
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3000
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