In recent months, members of the Larimer County Juvenile Gun Safety Coalition came together to offer a unique opportunity for youth in our community. 

A group of youth participated in three weekly sessions, engaging in discussion to gain an understanding about the impact that juvenile involvement with weapons and gun violence has on the community, families, and schools.  One of the sessions featured a victim-impact panel including survivors and those whose lives have been affected by gun violence, with counseling services available to help participants process the impactful stories that were shared.  The "It Only Takes a Moment" classes were designed to create a safe atmosphere for sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to guns.  Over the three weeks, the attending youth were encouraged to think with a restorative lens which allowed them to have honest conversations about perceptions and long-lasting repercussions of gun violence. The youth said the sessions helped prepare them to talk with a parent or guardian about guns, and said they felt safe and respected during the classes.  

"We are really proud of this positive outcome from our Coalition's efforts.  One of the most important things adults can do is provide information, resources, and a safe space for open dialogue with our youth.  The topic of gun safety has to be included in this endeavor," said coalition member Emily Humphrey.

The Larimer County Juvenile Gun Safety Coalition is excited to help offer more opportunities like this going forward. 


It Only Takes a Moment - Impact of Crime Class Coordinators

Hava Simmons
Larimer County Dept of Human Services, Children Youth and Families
(970) 498-6996  |
Kailee Melendez
City of Fort Collins, Restorative Justice Services
(970) 416-2290  | 
Carrie Bielenberg
Office of the District Attorney, Diversion Program
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Tracy Stromberg
8th Judicial Probation, Juvenile Supervision