42nd Annual Judge Conrad L. Ball Award Nominations Closed

The 42nd Annual Judge Conrad L. Ball Award nomination window has closed. Please check back for further announcements about the award recipient and banquet. 

For many years, Judge Ball was a loved and respected jurist in Larimer County. Each spring the Conrad L. Ball Award is given, in his memory, to a recipient who has significantly contributed toward improving the quality of criminal justice in the County. The Larimer County Community Corrections Department, on behalf of the County Commissioners, conducts the awards process (gathering nominations, selecting the recipient, arranging the awards dinner, and presenting the award).

The recipient, usually an individual but sometimes co-recipients or a team, is selected from among candidates nominated each year by colleagues, coworkers, and citizens.

Please note that this award depends greatly on incoming nominations. Without appreciative people willing to take the time to submit nominations, the award could not happen. If you know someone who deserves recognition, please make the effort to nominate.  Nominating is easy and just requires that you write a brief essay (not more than two typed pages) describing the nominee's outstanding or significant contribution(s) to the quality of justice in Larimer County.

Nominations are closed  for the 42nd Annual Conrad Ball Award. 

Please check back for the opening of the 43rd Annual Conrad Ball Award nominations in 2021. 

Nominations can be submitted online at the following link:


Nominations can also be submitted by email to:  durkinsh@larimer.org

or by U.S. Mail to:  

Larimer County Community Corrections
Attn: Shelley Durkin
2255 Midpoint Drive 
Fort Collins, CO  80525

2019 - Laurie Stolen
2018 - Ray Martinez
2017 - Honorable Daniel J. Kaup
2016 - Luke Hecker
2015 - Sharon Winfree
2014 - Nancy Griffith-Conklin
2013 - Victor Johnson
2012 - Les Rudner
2011 - Honorable Christine A. Carney
2010 - Tom McLellan
2009 - Honorable James H. Hiatt
2008 - Honorable Stephen J. Schapanski
2007 - Clifford E. Riedel
2007 - Patti Dean
2006 - Velma G. Gallegos
2006 - Joseph A. "Andy" Gavaldon
2005 - Andrew L. Bertrand 
2004 - Loren Schall
2003 - Honorable Arnaud Newton
2002 - Honorable John-David Sullivan
2001 - Phil Porter
2001 - Anne G. Hudgens
2000 - Sergeant Leslie Young
1999 - Laurie Barnhill & Magistrate Joseph Coyte
1998 - Judy Bradley, Ellen Ring, Karen Berg & LuAnn Wasinger
1998 - Captain Gary A. Darling
1997 - Paul H. Cooper
1996 - Gina P. (Dersham) Pando
1996 - Cynthia M. Hartman
1995 - Thomas H. Moore
1994 - Mary Anne Hadac
1993 - Terence A. Gilmore
1992 - Stuart A. VanMeveren
1992 - Linda Wheeler-Holloway
1991 - Earl J. Fawcett
1990 - Honorable John J. Tobin
1989 - James P. Anderson
1988 - Larry R. Abrahamson
1987 - D. Joan Hopkins
1986 - Honorable John A. Price
1985 - Gail W. Doxtader
1984 - Chief Ralph M. Smith
1983 - Honorable J. Robert Miller
1982 - William Clothier
1981 - Paul Holdeman
1980 - Donn Hopkins & Jeff McConkey
1979 - Honorable Conrad L. Ball

Larimer County Community Corrections makes arrangements for the dinner where the award is presented.

The award dinner scheduled for May 1, 2020 at the Lory Student Center has been canceled in accordance with guidelines for large gatherings in Larimer County. Staff are monitoring COVID-19 developments in the community and will be rescheduling the event at a later date.  


If you have questions about the award dinner, please contact Shelley Durkin at:  (970) 498-7512 or durkinsh@larimer.org



For Conrad Ball Award & Banquet Correspondence:

Contact:  Shelley Durkin
Address:  2255 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone:  (970) 498-7512
Fax:  (970) 498-7511