The Criminal Justice Planning unit assesses the entire public safety system to make sure that justice is served and that efficiencies are in place that promote good use of public resources.

  • Strategies to Reduce Recidivism & Jail Population
  • Working with other Community Organizations for Treatment & Diversion
  • Advisory Committee to Set Priorities & Coordinate Policy Change
  • Auditing, Research, Reporting, & Program Development
  • Business Analysis & Feedback to Make Process Improvements
  • Ongoing research to find the best evidence-based practices being used to alternatively supervise and treat those individuals sentenced by the courts.
  • Recommendation of new programs for implementation in Larimer County in order to keep the use of jail beds to a minimum.
  • Internally auditing programs to ensure compliance with oversight agencies and recommendations for policy and procedure.
  • Solicit feedback from employees and stakeholders to analyze and identify opportunities for business improvements and process efficiencies.
  • Identify legislation that affects the criminal justice system both positively and negatively.
  • Determine opportunities for grant funds that may enhance criminal justice operations within Larimer County.

Larimer County Jail ADP

In 2015, 2016, and again in 2017, the Jail's average daily population increased substantially. While there is no silver bullet answer for this increase, main contributors are thought to include increases in new drug felony arrests and increases in homeless inmates, coupled with a significant pre-existing population with mental health and substance issues. Larimer County is primarily working to decrease the impact of this population by focusing on comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services.

Criminal Justice Planning will continue to monitor and report on the status of the criminal justice system, identify and implement new treatment programs, advocate for legislation that meets the needs of our jurisdiction, and continue to work with community partners to implement solutions, in order to prolong the need for a jail expansion.

In 2007, the Board of County Commissioners recognized the Larimer County Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC).  The Committee is an advisory and policy level board consisting of County elected officials and other principal justice system decision makers.  Learn more about CJAC.

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