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News Release

2 Items: Larimer County Debris Pick-Up Extension & Property Abatement Program Approved Today

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: Mar 11, 2014

Contact Information:

CONTACT: Eric Fried Larimer County Chief Building Official
FROM: Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150


1. Larimer County will continue our right-of-way debris clean-up program past the March 12th deadline, as funding allows, because the Colorado State Office of Emergency Management has issued a six month extension for our FEMA right-of-way debris removal program.
 We are actively trying to clear the debris before the peak spring run off to decrease further risk of damage or destruction; therefore we encourage community members to clear their properties of debris as soon as possible. To schedule a debris pick up, please call the Debris Hotline at 970-498-7140. Debris questions can be directed to Lori Hodges at
Larimer County and its hired debris removal contractor, TFR Enterprises, are currently picking up ELIGIBLE flood debris from the county maintained right-of-ways only, per FEMA regulations.  This FEMA program is for residential private property owners who are removing debris from their property themselves, or with the assistance of volunteers and not paid contractors. In accordance with the FEMA guidelines, flood qualified debris does NOT include unimproved land, farm and ranch land, and commercial property. 
2.      03/11/14 - The Board of Larimer County Commissioners approve the Larimer County Abatement of Dangerous Buildings Program (Abatement Program). There is a high probability that homes and other structures damaged in the 2013 flood, unless removed or repaired, may be washed downstream by high water during spring runoff or during subsequent high rainfall events. These structures have the potential to cause serious secondary flooding, threats to public health, and damage to improved property including damage to newly repaired or replaced roads and bridges.
The Larimer County Building Department investigates structures that may pose a danger as a result of damage incurred in the 2013 flood. If found to constitute a danger, the County will pursue abatement of the dangerous building through demolition if the property owner is unable or unwilling to resolve the issue voluntarily. This program is identified as the Larimer County Abatement of Dangerous Buildings Program (Abatement Program). Property owner participation in the Abatement Program is essential for a successful outcome.  
Complete information on The Larimer County Abatement of Dangerous Buildings Program (Abatement Program) is available at or contact: Chief Building Official Eric Fried @ (970) 498-7705, or Code Compliance Supervisor Candace Phippen @, (970) 498-7724.
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