The only person(s) who may apply for a Treasurer's Deed is the holder of the Tax Lien Certificate. For real property only, a Treasurer's Deed may be issued three years from the date of the original sale, upon proper application and notification. For Mobile Homes, a Motor Vehicle Title may be issued one year from the date of the original sale, upon proper application and notification.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Contact the Treasurer's Civil Deputy in charge of Treasurer's Deed and request an application at (970) 498-7029. Or contact her via email.
  2. Please return the completed application, the original tax certificate, (if you are not having it held in safekeeping with our office), and the $350.00 application fee to our office at 200 West Oak St., Suite 2100, Fort Collins, CO 80521.
    1. Per C.R.S. 39-11-120, applications received without the original certificate cannot be processed.
    2. The application fee is a title expense which includes, title commitment and policy, advertising charges, mailing fees, posting fees and any additional charges accrued in procedures by statute for issuance of a Treasurer's Deed.
  3. The Treasurer's Deed process takes approximately five to six months, given no unforeseen problems. The deed is issued four months, (120 days), after the first date of advertising. Advertising is initiated as soon as the title commitment and certified mailing to legally interested parties is complete.
  4. The Treasurer's Deed will be issued if redemption is not made prior to the execution date. The Treasurer's Deed is recorded with the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder.
  5. Current Treasurer's Deed newspaper postings..

Things To Remember

  • The Treasurer's Deed will not be issued until all subsequent property tax liens are paid in full.
  • A Treasurer's Deed is an unmarketable title for seven years. You may deed the property to another individual; however, you may not warrant the title. Please contact an attorney or title company for further information. The Treasurer's Office is unable to advise you in this matter.
  • If the certificate is redeemed prior to deed issuance, you will receive your investment, interest, and your application fee in full. However, no interest is earned on the application fee.