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The most valuable asset at Larimer County is its employees who are always searching for better ways to serve residents.

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners on Oct. 7 honored employees who have shown ingenuity, creativity, and improved processes at Larimer County with the 2020 Innovation Awards. One Grand Prize Winner and two Runner-Up Winners were awarded in the ninth year of the Innovation Awards program.

The awards were chosen based on resourceful, groundbreaking, or novel approaches to providing Larimer County services to residents. Larimer County budgets $5,000 for the awards and can be given to one project or split among projects.

Grand Prize, $3,000: Pre-Trial Services Mobile App

Joe Schreurs, Susan Hays, Katie Evans, Linette Schweizer, Hilery Mesloh, Angela Priest, Ingrid Schroeder, Leslie Waterhouse-Reavis, Brant Gluth, Rupali Gagvani, and Derik Stalls

This team developed a mobile phone app that allows many pre-trial program functions to be handled remotely and recorded to a database directly. Pre-Trial Services is a busy unit within the Criminal Justice Department and the new app allows staff to better manage large caseloads. In 2019, the Pretrial Mobile App was used for 47,025 check-ins, and 7,238 court event follow-ups. The app resulted in a 64% reduction in staff time in pre-trial interactions.

Runner-Up Winners: Food Truck Roundup, $1,000

Nicole Aguilar, Tracy Hines, and Shawn May

Larimer County Health and Environment partnered with Larimer County Finance to assist food truck owners with understanding and complying with sales tax requirements to operate their businesses.  The partnership by this team increases tax revenues which support voter-approved projects. Larimer County is now collecting sales tax that might have been lost forever. Our sales tax partners --- the State of Colorado, cities, and towns in Larimer County --- also benefit from additional sales tax revenues from properly licensed food trucks without additional enforcement. Food truck owners now understand the sales tax rules and have an incentive to follow them.

Multi-modal Index: Data-driven Transportation Access Tool for decision-making, $1,000

Amanda Repella and Liz Young Winne

Larimer County Department of Health and Environment’s Built Environment program led a collaborative team to create a new mapping tool that easily communicates neighborhood access to transportation options in Fort Collins or Loveland. This tool helps identify challenges and opportunities associated with being able to safely and efficiently walk, bike, or ride the bus in these communities.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 10:22am
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Board of County Commissioners, [970] 498-7010,; Bridget Paris, HR Director, [970] 498-5976,; Linda Hoffmann, County Manager, [970] 498-7004, 

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