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Photo of Angela Myers, Larimer County Clerk and Recorder

Angela Myers

Clerk and Recorder

The Presidential Primary is just around the corner on March 3rd, and our State Primary is June 30th.  There are several things you should know!

  • 17-year-olds Can Vote in both primaries!  Well…some can! 

The Colorado Votes Act, which took effect in August 2019, allows 17-year-olds who will turn 18 by the General Election to vote in the March Presidential Primary and June State Primary Elections.

  • Unaffiliated voters can vote in both the March 3rd and the June 30th primaries!

In 2016, Colorado voters decided unaffiliated (also known as “independent”) voters should be allowed to vote in primary elections. As an unaffiliated voter, unless you indicate a “preference” as to which ballot you wish to receive, you will receive both a republican and a democratic ballot in each of the primaries. 

ONLY VOTE ONE!  If you return a voted primary ballot for both parties, neither ballot will be counted.

  • Presidential Primary ballots will be mailed to all registered voters the week of February 10th.
  • Read the instructions included with your ballot – they contain all the information you need!
    • Postage requirements
    • Dropbox and drop-site locations – After February 24rd don’t use the postal system, instead, drop your ballot at any one of several drop-off locations listed in the instructions.
    • Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) – Where you can get a replacement ballot, change your address or register and vote if needed.
    • Website and contact information for our office – go to www.votelarimer.org any time for all things elections-related for Larimer County.
  • Never give your ballot – especially unvoted or unsealed – to ANYONE else!  Use one of the many options for returning it yourself.  We take great care with your ballot, you should too! 
  • Vote early, if you can! – If we receive more than 20,000 ballots on Election Day, we will not complete the counting process Election Night but will continue counting the next day.
  • Keep the stub of your ballot as a souvenir!  It has the actual election name on it and can be used to replace your “I Voted!” sticker!  We need that stub removed for our processes, so please remove it before returning your voted ballot.
  • NEVER vote someone else’s ballot or sign someone else’s ballot envelope – doing so is illegal! 
  • ALWAYS sign your own ballot envelope before returning it to us!  We check every single signature on the exterior of each ballot envelope to make sure it matches that voter before any envelope is ever opened or ballot is counted.
  • All ballots must be RECEIVED by 7p on Election Day – a postmark does NOT count as received.

Most importantly…

VOTE!  Every vote matters!

We had a race in Loveland last November that was decided by three votes – a great reminder for all Larimer residents that the vote carrying your voice matters!

If you have any questions or concerns about the voting process, go to www.votelarimer.org, call the Elections office at 970.498.7820, or contact Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Angela Myers directly at 970.498.7852.


Value your voting privilege and vote early if you can!



Published on: 
Friday, February 7, 2020 - 10:05am
Contact Details:

Angela Myers, Larimer County Clerk & Recorder, [970] 498-7840, amyers@larimer.org

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