This is a general summary of topics discussed at the meeting and not verbatim or official, recorded minutes.

At the new Estes Valley Community Center on April 11th, Commissioner Donnelly welcomed a full house of citizens eager to hear the progress of the Larimer County Comprehensive Plan updates.

Principle Planner Matt Lafferty presented on the current status of the plan that was last revised in 1997. He explained that the Comprehensive plan is a policy document that provides an important frame of reference for municipalities and planning commissions when they update their land use codes.

Rather than tackle the needs of a geologically large and diverse Larimer County as a whole, this version of the Comprehensive Plan is divided into two main areas of focus: Mountain Regions and Eastern Plains. The Mountain Resiliency portion of the plan was completed in 2017 after many community outreach meetings. The disastrous 2012 High Park Fire and 2013 Flood had created opportunities to get grant funding for resiliency and comprehensive plan studies. A local consulting firm, Logan Simpson, was contracted to assist in the updating process. The natural disasters also guided the focus of the new mountain plan towards resilience - not only in the face of natural disasters, but also the rapidly increasing population.

The Eastern Plains portion is now underway for 2018, following a similar process. New stakeholder, technical advisory and elected officials’ groups are being formed for outreach efforts to begin in early June.

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Commissioner Donnelly hosts informal community meetings with citizens throughout his district. These regularly-scheduled meetings are an opportunity for people to come and hear about the latest news from local government and share their ideas and concerns with each commissioner.

Tom Donnelly is the commissioner for District 3, with monthly Citizen Meetings held in Estes Park, Loveland and Berthoud. To learn more about Citizen Meetings and join the mailing list, visit:

Featured Topic for May

Drew Davis, Senior Business Analyst and Broadband Program Manager, will give updates on rural broadband development.

April 2018 Citizen Meeting in Estes Park with Commissioner Donnelly
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Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 12:08pm
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Alisha Jeffers, Department Specialist II

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