In an effort to help alleviate the overcrowded Jail, Community Corrections teamed up with Alternative Sentencing to open more beds for resident offenders.  On July 20th, the Alternative Sentencing Department (ASD) expanded its Work Release program into redesigned space within the 2307 Midpoint Drive building.  During the first two weeks of August, Community Corrections moved 24 male residents into space made available by the Work Release expansion at the ASD building next door.  This expansion created 16 additional beds for Work Release and 24 for Community Corrections, now available for expedited transfers of jail inmates who have been on a long waitlist for residential programs.  Community Corrections is now looking at a minor remodel to its building in order to make space for 16 more female residents.  This expansion is one of several considerations made by the Larimer County Criminal Justice Services Division to help with concerns over a Jail population well over its target capacity.

Current population information can be viewed on the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Jail Population page.  For more information on Community Corrections and Alternative Sentencing, visit the Larimer County Criminal Justice Services page.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 4:17pm
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Bryan Schissler
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