Recyclable Materials - November 2020

This table shows the current prices offered by the Larimer County Recycling Center for recyclable materials. THE MINIMUM LOAD REQUIRED IS 400 POUNDS, EXCEPT FOR ALUMINUM. Any amount of aluminum (cans only) is accepted. PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Material Price per ton
Single Stream: Residential & Commercial (UBC; tin, green, brown and clear glass bottles; plastic bottles and containers #1-#7; empty aerosol cans, newspaper with inserts, office paper, junk mail, magazines, cardboard, phone books, craft bags) ($70.79)/ton tip fee
Cardboard, baled (delivered, if we do not have to re-bale) $26.65/ton
Cardboard, small bales (delivered, if we have to re-bale) $2.15/ton
Cardboard, loose (delivered) $12.15/ton
Newspaper (with inserts, junk mail & magazines) ($.70)/ton tip fee
Office/Coated paper $31.01/ton
Mixed Paper ($25.70)/ton tip fee
Commingled containers $5.00/ton
Three mix glass (clean) $5.00/ton
Separated gramber & clear glass (clean) $10.00/ton
Residue downgrade ($75.00)/ton tip fee