Save the environment one meal at a time

Pack a zero waste lunch to reduce waste. Why? By eliminating trash, you will prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, save energy and make a difference in your environment. How? Follow these guidelines and it will be easy!

Which is the better option?

Lunchbox/reusable bag!


  • Fabric scrap bag – Cut pieces that resemble the sides of a paper bag. Sew the seams together. Attach a closure or velcro, and done.
  • Blue jean bag – Cut the legs off a pair of jeans. Sew the leg holes shut. Attach an old belt or strip of denim for a handle. Sew the zipper shut. Velcro the opening.

Reusable napkin!


  • Clean scraps of material
  • Bandanas
  • Worn out blue jean square

Reusable utensils!


  • A fork, spoon or knife from home. Add a sharp sheathed knife if needed.
  • A few mismatched utensils from the clearance rack, a yard sale, or thrift store.

Food containers!


  • New plastic containers or those made from yogurt, margarine, or other empty food containers.
  • Mason jars work well for salads and liquids.
  • Reusable sandwich bags can be found in culinary stores, at Fort Collins Food Co-op, Natural Grocers, or online.
  • Stainless steel containers are pricier, but durable.

Reusable bottles!


  • Use tap water (filtered or not) rather than buying bottled water whenever possible.
  • A reusable to-go container for hot drinks to fill at home or for filling at the coffee shop.
  • Buy liter bottles of favorite drinks to pour into the reusable bottles.

Compost pile!

Tip: Pack your food scraps and take them home to either compost or put in a greencone.