If you have fallen victim to a scammer, remember these 5 important steps:

  1. Do not communicate further with the scammers/perpetrators.  They are criminals and some are dangerous. Never offer to travel to meet them to claim your money or prize.
  2. Contact your bank. If you think you are a victim of identity theft or account fraud you need to call your bank immediately and tell them what happened. The bank should have a fraud department and you can ask them to monitor your account for unusual activity. You can also ask them if it is necessary for you to close out your current accounts and open new ones. You can also refer to our Identity Theft Prevention page for more information.
  3. Contact the fraud departments of the three major credit bureaus. Place a fraud alert on your credit files. This will require credit agencies to contact you before opening any new accounts or making changes to your current accounts.  
    1. Equifax - 1-888-766-0008
    2. Experian - 1-800-525-6285
    3. Transunion - 1-800-680-7289
  4.  File a Police Report. Call your local law enforcement agency to report the fraud/scam. Ask how to get a copy of the report to submit to your bank, credit agencies and other financial institutions who may need proof that a crime was committed.  
  5. Remember: Keep a typed or written log of all conversations you have with the scammers, your bank, the credit agencies, and law enforcement. Include the date and time of when you had a conversation, who you spoke with (person's name and extension number if applicable), the phone number you contacted and the information you provided.