The Larimer County Sheriff's Office fields a Regional SWAT team. The SWAT team consists of one commander, six team leaders, 18 operators, nine negotiators, one mental health consultant, and one chaplain. Team members are chosen following testing and a selection process from agencies within Larimer County. Any agency within Larimer County is able to participate in the Larimer County Regional SWAT team. Agencies currently participating in the regional team include Colorado State University Police Department, Johnstown Police Department, and the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

The SWAT team is utilized in any situation in which a significant danger exists to the lives and safety of victims or potential victims, uninvolved innocent citizens, law enforcement, or fire personnel. Some types of situations include, but are not limited to, high-risk warrant service when the suspect is believed to be armed, wildland manhunt operations, wildland narcotics suppression, terrorist incidents, dignitary protection, and hostage situations.

Operators are the tactical portion of the team and are responsible for any tactical resolution to a situation. Negotiators are tasked with the intelligence gathering and establishing communications to assist in a successful resolution.

The Regional SWAT team maintains a varied assembly of equipment and vehicles to complete its tasks and maintain the safety of its members and the community. The team trains several times a month in order to maintain proficiency and the ability to respond to critical incidents efficiently and effectively.