Writing Letters

Inmates are provided paper and envelopes for writing letters and may purchase stamps through the commissary program.  Indigent inmates are allowed a limited number of stamps.  Inmates are not allowed to use personal stationary and/or stamps. Letters or cards are not accepted at the jail reception counter.  When sending mail to an inmate, only the inmate's name, address, and your return address are allowed on the envelope.  NO drawings, gang writings, stickers, lip prints, etc. are allowed on the envelope.  All mail must be sent via U.S. Postal Service and addressed as follows:

Standard mail addressing format.


Phone Calls

Inmates are allowed to make collect and pre-paid telephone calls from their housing areas.  Telephone calls are limited to 15 minutes in duration to allow all inmates equal access to the telephone.  Times for telephone calls are limited based on the needs of the facility.  Inmates CANNOT receive incoming calls. If you receive unwanted telephone calls from an inmate, call the jail (970) 498-5200 and ask to speak to a supervisor.