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2018 Chip Seal/Seal Coat Project

As summer nears, so does our annual Pavement Preservation program.  This maintenance program consists of techniques such as seal-coat, chip-seal and pavement overlay.  Paved road(s) within your area might receive one of these maintenance regiments depending on pavement age and/or condition.

Seal-coat is an asphalt road surface treatment commonly used on relatively young or newer asphalt pavements.  This process consists of coating the asphalt surface with a liquid product that will help to rejuvenate and seal the asphalt.  The process usually includes the road being swept/cleaned, and the application of product. Typically, after the product has been sprayed on the asphalt surface, a fine sand will be broadcast onto the surface to allow traffic to continue to travel the surface while the product penetrates the surface of the road.  Once the product has cured (usually 3-4 days), any remaining loose sand will be swept off the road surface.chip seal

So just what is chip-seal? It’s a road surface treatment, consisting of applying a layer of emulsified asphalt and then aggregate to the road’s surface. The treatment acts to preserve the asphalt and provides a moisture barrier- all while performing as a wearing course for the road surface.  The process usually includes the road being swept/cleaned, and the application of the emulsified asphalt and aggregate.  Typically, any loose chip will be swept off the road within 24 hours of the application.  Subsequently, within 72 hours of the initial application, a new chip-seal surface will receive a fog-seal, which consists of coating the newly chip-sealed surface with a light coat of emulsion- this helps to further contain aggregate, provide added moisture barrier, as well as coloring the road surface dark black.

Both chip-seal and seal-coat are both done in a matter that allows the operation to happen alongside of traffic.  By utilizing “rolling” lane closures, the operations usually cause minor disruption to traffic.  Also, with both operations, speeds are posted lower than normal- this helps to maintain the quality of the product while it is still “fresh”, and to help prevent damage to passing vehicles.  As with any road construction project, we ask that all motorist, cyclists, and pedestrians heed all warning signs and traffic control instruction.  We also advise alternative routes when possible.

A listing and map of all roads affected by these programs can be found on our Road Event Status System.  Should you have any questions or concerns about these maintenance programs, please contact our Construction Hot Line at 970 498-5666.

Road Weather Information Stationsroad weather information stations

Road and Bridge recently completed the installation of two Road Weather Information Stations (RWIS).  You may have noticed the 30’ steel lattice towers installed at the intersection of CR 52E and CR 27 (Stove Prairie) and at the intersection of CR 74E and CR 67A (Red Feather Lakes). 

Each RWIS location is designed to give us real time information on weather conditions 24 hours a day and that information can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available.  Each station includes monitors that report the following information

  • Ambient air temperature, dew point, relative humidity, barometric pressure, visibility
  • Presence, type, and rate of precipitation
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Surface temperature of the roadway

In addition to the weather monitors each installation also includes a camera that sends updated photos every 10 minutes showing the condition of the roadway.

We are excited about the addition of these stations as it will allow us to monitor weather and road conditions remotely and make better decisions regarding the appropriate timing and level of response required to weather events.

Coming soon, this information will be made available on the Road and Bridge website.


County Road 44H Reconstruction 

The County was on track to advertise the project for bids this spring after a full Environmental Assessment but FEMA just recently defunded the greater reconstruction project and will fund only improvements to bring the road back to pre-flood conditions plus some undetermined mitigation work. Revised plans will be presented to FEMA in May for review.  It’s unknown when construction may begin.

County Road 80C Resurfacing Project


The Road and Bridge Department is working on a project to surface a nine-mile section of County Road 80C between Cherokee Meadows Road and County Road 59.  This section of road is currently a native surface and will receive a six-inch layer of aggregate base course.  The project will include improvements to the roadside drainage, replacement of several drainage culverts, minor width and horizontal alignment improvements and the import and placement of ~45,000 tons of aggregate base course. 


Road and Bridge crews began work on the project in December of 2017. Work on this project is currently suspended to allow Road and Bridge crews to complete summer season projects. Work will resume in the fall of 2018.

Estes Park Facility
543 Elm Road
Estes Park, CO 80517

Laramie River Facility
21137 CR #103
Glendevey, CO
(mail: Jelm, WY 82063)

Livermore Facility
124 West CR 74E
Livermore, CO 80545

Loveland Facility
2205 East SH #402
Loveland, CO 80537

Stove Prairie Facility
17218 CR #52
Bellvue, CO 80512

Waverly Facility
241 W. CR #70
Waverly, CO 80549



387 Miles of  paved roads, 419 Miles of non-paved road, 99 Miles of Subdivision Roads

  • 387 Miles of  paved roads (48%)
  • 419 Miles of non-paved roads (52%)
  • 99 Miles of Subdivision Roads

Average Vehicle Miles Traveled on Larimer County Roads

  • Paved Roads = 292.8 Million VMT (91%)
  • Non-paved Roads = 28.3 Million VMT (9%)


  • 682 Mainline miles plowed
  • 89 Subdivisions = 86 miles plowed
  • 5,197 tons of ice & traction control material utilized
  • Average number of man hour per year on snow events = 10,063 hours


  • 202 Major structures (>20 ft.)
  • 476 Minor structures (<20 ft.)
  • 4,000+ Cross culverts
  • 10,100 Sign mounts w/ 11,964 sign panels
  • Road & Bridge Mill Levy (2017) = 1.0
  • $20.00 = Road & Bridge portion of property tax on a residential structure valued at $250,000 (with only $12.40 retained by Larimer County).
  • Image 1: Road and Bridge Department
Paved road


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