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Since many of us are restricted to our home, we are challenged to be creative with the stuff we already have. Make REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING part of your daily life.

There are 2 challenges:  1) 21-Day Maker's Challenge, and 2) Weekly STEM Challenge. Put your trash and recycling to good use. You just might win a board game, a puzzle or a robot kit!

21-day challenge     Weekly challenge


  • Check the daily/weekly theme for inspiration.
  • Think carefully about your design and the materials you can use.
  • REUSE trash and recyclables to make a sculpture, a work of art, or project that goes with the theme.
  • Submit all entries by Friday, May 15, 2020.


  • 21-day Maker's Challenge - Artistic makers : The top 3 makers who complete the most challenges will win a puzzle or a game.
  • Weekly STEM Challenge - "Engineers" : Complete 4 challenges and your name will be put in a drawing to win a robot kit.


  • You must REUSE trash and recyclables on each challenge entry to receive credit.
  • We must receive your submission by email or Facebook. By submitting an entry, you agree to have it displayed online.
  • You may complete all of the challenges, or complete only your favorites.
  • There are no age requirements!


  • Take a picture of your completed challenge.
  • Email the photo to gcohen@larimer.org or post the photo to your facebook page and tag Larimer County Solid Waste. Include 1) the name of the challenge, 2) the participant’s first name / last initial, and 3) age. Include a caption if you like. [example: Favorite pet, Lilly S., age 11. caption: Rover, My Poky Little Puppy]


  • Winners must provide their mailing address to gcohen@larimer.org in order to claim their prize.
  • The 3 winners of the Maker’s Challenge will receive a puzzle or game of their choosing, valued at $30 or less.
  • The winner of the STEM Challenge will win an age-appropriate robot kit valued at $50 or less.


  • Email gcohen@larimer.org or call (970) 498-5772.


Theme of the day

Day 1: A superhero

Day 2: Something that swims in the water

Day 3: A musical instrument

Day 4: A portrait of yourself

Day 5: A cartoon character

Day 6: Something that flies

Day 7: Favorite sport

Day 8: Wild card! (anything)

Day 9: Something to eat

Day 10: A mythical creature

Day 11: A toy

Day 12: Favorite video game character

Day 13: Something found in the solar system

Day 14: A flower

Day 15: Something from a fairy tale

Day 16: A dinosaur

Day 17: Something that crawls around

Day 18: A way to travel

Day 19: Earth Day!!

Day 20: Favorite friend, family member or pet

Day 21: Something you find in a forest


WEEK 1:  Make a Projectile and Target –- goal: become an expert at operating your catapult, slingshot or whatever you choose to create. Practice makes perfect!

WEEK 2:  Make a Boat that Floats in a Bathtub -- goal: make your boat to hold as much weight as possible, without tipping over. Use toys, pennies or washers to test the strength.

WEEK 3:  Make a Bridge -- goal: build the longest bridge you can, which supports the weight of a toy car

WEEK 4:  Make a Rube Goldberg Machine -- goal: get to the end of your machine or Marble Run--goal: get the marble to roll as long as you can.