Open House Materials and Comment Form for September 2019

Below are links to the posters from the September 12, 2019 open house and to the online comment form.  These materials will be available for your review and comment through September 30, 2019.  The following information can be found in the "Poster PDF" file:  

1.        Purpose and overview of the project, including the schedule

2.       What the task force and public have identified as priorities

3.       Draft language for the regulation’s Purpose, Authority, and Applicability

4.       Proposed ideas for a County development review process, including setbacks

5.       Possible application requirements for oil and gas project proposals

6.       Air quality information and possible County regulations

7.       Water quality information and possible County regulations

8.       Possible transportation regulations related to oil and gas facilities 

LC Oil and Gas Regulation Posters September 2019.pdf

September 12, 2019 Oil & Gas Comment Form