The Larimer County Mountain Resilience Plan is a phased comprehensive plan, built on inclusive outreach and existing plans with goals, policies, and solutions unique to each local planning area.

What is this plan?

The Mountain Resilience Plan is Phase 1 of the Larimer County Comprehensive Plan Update. The Plan is broken up into the following phases: 

1. Foundation 

2. Vision 

3. Recommendations

Once implementation of the Mountain Resilience Plan is in place for unincorporated mountain communities in Larimer County, the remainder of the Comprehensive Plan will be revamped in 2018, with another three step public process (Foundation, Vision & Recommendations). The public will have opportunity for input in each phase of the process. 

As of November 2017, the plan is currently in the Recommendations phase. 

Please view the documents on the Larimer Comp Plan website to see what has been done in the process up to present time. 

You can view the Event page to see when the next opportunity for public comment at community meetings will held. 

You can also provide input on the Draft Recommendations Chapter by taking the online survey as well. 

1997 Master Plan 

The current 1997 Larimer County Master Plan is a policy document that establishes a long-range framework for decision making for the unincorporated areas of the County. It includes criteria for development decisions, decisions on public services and capital facilities and decisions on environmental resources protection through its Guiding Principles and Implementing Strategies. 

Larimer County is currently going through the process of updating the 1997 Master Plan through the Mountain Resilience Plan and 2018 Comprehensive Plan. 




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