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The Larimer County Comprehensive Plan is a phased planning process, built on inclusive outreach and existing plans with guiding principles, policies, and solutions unique to local planning areas.

Visit the project website,, for more information.

What is this plan?

The Mountain Resilience Plan is the product of the Phase 1 of the Larimer County Comprehensive Plan Update. This Plan focuses on the opportunities, challenges, and unique character of the unincorporated mountainous areas of western Larimer County. Through a set of Guiding Principles and Implementation Strategies unique to the mountains, the Plan provides policy guidance for future development, public services, and environmental protection.

The planning process was structured by the following phases: 

  1. Foundation: issue identification and existing condition data analysis
  2. Vision: public engagement on values and community priorities
  3. Recommendations: establish guiding principles, policies and strategies to achieve the community vision

The Mountain Resilience Plan was unanimously accepted by both the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners on December 13, 2017.

The Mountain Resilience Plan addresses unincorporated mountain communities in Larimer County. The process to address the eastern plains (Phase 2) started at the beginning of 2018, with another three step public process (Foundation, Vision, and Recommendations). The public will have opportunity for input in each phase of the process. 

Please view the documents on the Larimer Comprehensive Plan website to see what has been accomplished to date.