Land Division & Boundary Changes

Review options for Land Division and Boundary Changes in Larimer County in this handout

The Land Use Code has different options, processes and requirements for subdividing property. These options vary, depending primarily on a property's location and size. If you're making changes to property line locations (boundary adjustments or combining parcels), the process will depend on how the original lots were created.

County review and approval is required for:

  • Dividing property into two or more parcels (*unless all parcels created are at least 35 acres in size)
  • Most boundary/property line changes
  • Vacating rights-of-way and easements
  • Creating condominiums

Detailed information for these and other related processes is found in Section 5.0 of the Land Use Code. Additional information regarding development processes is found in Section 12.0 Common Procedures for Development Review. 


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