Community Development COVID-19 Operations

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we are temporarily changing how we provide our services. Please read the Full Statement here.

We have developed guidelines for temporary outdoor expansion of businesses under state and county public health guidelines.
Please read those guidelines here
See individual statements for Building, Code Compliance, Engineering and Planning

Community Development Director 
Lesli Ellis
Phone: (970) 498-7690
Administrative Services Director

Kristin Bothell
Phone: (970)498-7685
Email Kristin

Senior Accounting Technician 

Vicki Scharp
Phone: (970)498-7687
Email Vicki 

Business Operations Supervisor

Katie Beilby
Phone: (970)498-7719
Email Katie

Citizen Resources Technicians

Pam Stringer
Phone: (970)498-7684
Email Pam

Denise Ruybal
Phone: (970)498-7669
Email Denise

Christina Scrutchins
Phone: (970)498-7686
Email Christina

Planning Manager: 

Don Threewitt
Phone: (970)498-7689
Email Don

Principal Planner: Advanced Planning

Matt Lafferty
Phone: (970)498-7721
Email Matt

Senior Planner 

Rob Helmick
Phone: (970)498-7682
Email Rob

Senior Planner

Samantha Mott
Phone: (970)498-7678
Email Samantha

Planner II

Michael Whitley
Phone: (970)498-7720
Email Michael

Planner II

Jennifer Cram
Phone: (970)498-7696
Email Jennifer

Planner II

Tawn Hillenbrand
Phone: (970)498-7691
Email Tawn

Planner I

Tracy Hicks
Phone: (970)498-7698
Email Tracy

Planner I

Alyssa Martin
Phone: (970)498-7722
Email Alyssa