Larimer County Natural Resources has over 400 campsites in a variety of beautiful locations in northern Colorado. Our campsites vary from electric and full hookup sites for your RV to walk to and standard sites perfect for tent camping. Please keep in mind that our campgrounds fill spring, summer and fall weekends, so plan ahead – or come during the week! We hope you have a wonderful camping trip in Larimer County!

You can make reservations from 180 days to 1 day in advance of the arrival date at or by calling the reservation call center at 1-800-397-7795.

Sites that are not reserved become available that day as first-come, first-served for people who are physically present at the parks. These sites can not be held, nor can they be guaranteed over the phone.

Most weekdays (Mondays through Thursdays), there are usually sites available at all campgrounds as first-come, first-served. November through April, almost all sites are available first-come, first-served if you choose not to make a reservation.

Map of Larimer County Campgrounds

  • A three-night reservation is required for the holidays of Memorial Day, Labor Day, and whenever Independence Day (4th of July) falls on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday at all campsites.
  • A two-night reservation is required for:
    • weekend dates April through October at all campsites,
    • May through September at camper cabins at Hermit Park Open Space,
    • At all times for the Airstream at Horsetooth Reservoir. (There is no minimum reservation requirement for camper cabins at Horsetooth Reservoir.)
  • Maximum stay is 14 days in any 30-day period in the entire system.
  • No Sliding: Reservations made with a departure date beyond the 180-day advance reservations window may not be changed or cancelled until 18 days after the reservation is made. This rule is in place to give everyone equal opportunity to reserve the campsite in advance.
  • Five (5) reservations is the maximum you can make per phone call or web session.
  • First-come, first-served sites: During the recreation season, April through October, sites are only "first-come, first-served" if they have not been reserved. From November through March, almost all sites are "first-come, first-served."

We recommend that you reserve your campsite, camper cabin, tipi or the Airstream in advance to ensure that you have a site in the park of your choice.

  • Reservations are accepted as few as 1 day prior to arrival when using a credit card, or 15 days prior to arrival for checks and money orders. Example: If you are making a reservation online using your credit card, Thursday at midnight is the latest you can make a reservation for Friday. If you are making a reservation through the call center using your credit card, see the call center hours below.
  • The farthest out you can make a reservation is 180 days PRIOR TO arrival date. Use a calendar and count backwards.
  • The reservation center is open for phone calls seven days a week during the recreation season from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. October through March, the reservation center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Closed New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Online reservations can be made 24 hours a day.
  • The reservation fee is $8.75 per site, per camping trip. It is a non-refundable fee.
  • When you make your reservation, payment is required for camping permits. Use your credit card, personal check, or a money order.
  • When you arrive at the parks, payment is required for park entrance permits. Purchase daily or annual park entrance permits at the entrance stations, or you can purchase annual park entrance permits online before you get to the parks. Allow mailing time to receive permits before your trip. See current permit prices
  • If you change or cancel a reservation, you must pay an additional $6.35 fee. Plan ahead to save fees! If you cancel fewer than 1 full day before arrival date, or cancel any part of the reservation after arrival at the park, you may forfeit up to two night's camping fees, since the site won't be available for other people to reserve.
  • Refunds after arrival date: No refunds for bad weather, poor fishing or leaving early. Any refund requests after your arrival must be made in person with a Ranger or at the park office before you leave.
  • Walk-in camping fee: $2.50/site

Big Thompson campground is located on the north end of Carter Lake. Reserve online | Printable map

Carter Knolls campground is located on the east side of Carter Lake. Reserve online | Printable map

Eagle campground is located on the north end of Carter Lake. Reserve online | Printable map


North Pines campground is located on the north end of Carter Lake. Reserve online | Printable map

South Shore campground is located on the south end of Carter Lake. Reserve online | Printable map

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Pinewood campground is located on the northeast end of Pinewood Reservoir. Reserved online

More information on Pinewood Reservoir

Hermit Park Open Space does not have water recreation on-site. Lake Estes is three miles away.

Hermit's Hollow (campground #1)

Bobcat (campground #2)

Kruger Equestrian (campground #3)

  • Five new, equestrian campsites each with its own corral for up to 2–4 horses depending on site, new restroom, parking lot for six horse trailers, and Homestead Meadows Trail access.
  • Five non-electric campsites - reserve online
  • Printable map

Granite Gulch (campground #4)

Camper Cabins

More information on Hermit Park Open Space

South Bay campground is located on the south end of Horsetooth Reservoir. 


Inlet Bay campground is located on the southwest end of Horsetooth Reservoir. 

Boat-in Campsites on west side

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