Be a Parks and Open Spaces Photographer

Photo Submission Requirements

  • Please edit your own photos. Submit up to 25 of your best images per assignment or season.
  • Submit high-resolution photos (minimum size 2000 x 1328 pixels). Preferred format is JPEG (no TIFF files). Please do not embed photo credit or other copyright information onto photos.
  • Photos must be submitted via a Dropbox account. A staff member will help you set up your Dropbox account with Larimer County.
  • File naming convention: Please include the property location or event and your last name in the file name (for example, "Carter Lake - Smith....jpg", or "HTMarathon - Smith....jpg")
  • Subject matter: Images should only include people if the photo is of individuals recreating or taking part in a Larimer County-sponsored event. Close-up shots of faces and vegetation are discouraged.

Conditions of Use of Photographs

  • Copyright remains with the photographer. Larimer County Department of Natural Resources (LCDNR) may use submitted photographs with credit given to the photographer.
  • LCDNR is under no obligation to use or publish any submitted photograph that does not meet, in the opinion of its staff, suitable standards of quality or subject matter.
  • LCDNR does not pay for photographs.
  • LCDNR may give permission to other Larimer County departments and/or to media outlets to use an image specifically to promote the department and the parks and open spaces it manages. Photographer will be credited.

Become a Volunteer Photographer

Angela Borland
Education and Volunteer Supervisor
(970) 619-4489