Larimer County Foster Care

Welcome and thank you for caring about children and youth in foster care! The following children are currently waiting for a foster-adoptive family or a foster family who is in the position to adopt should the case move in that direction. Both home studied and non-home studied families may inquire.

Image 1: Aydin, age 12

Aydin, age 12

Aydin is an energetic 12 year old in the 6th grade. He is a kind-hearted, goofy boy that has been part of the Fort Collins community for most of his life.

Some of Aydin's strengths are that he is funny and affectionate, he is very relationship-focused and likes to be part of a team.  He does well with structure and trauma-informed interventions. He is active and likes to ride his bike and try new things. Aydin has some challenges due to childhood trauma.​ ​Aydin has a well-connected team who all care about him and are ready to support his family.

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Image 2: Meet Our Waiting Children & Youth

Braylon is an active, energetic, and fun loving 8 year old boy. Braylon loves superheroes and Harry Potter. He fancies himself a character in the story. He loves to read books, ride his bike and his razor scooter. He always has a song or a rhythm in his head, and would love to learn to play the drums. He is energetic and fun loving.

The ideal adoptive family would likely be a two parent home where he is the only child in the home, in Colorado. This family would need to advocate well for him and his needs. As well as be willing to take him to appointments such as therapy and participate in monthly meetings for school needs.

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Image 3: Braeden, Age 16

Braeden, Age 16

Braeden is 16 years old and looking for his forever home. Braeden has a big heart and cares deeply for others. He is very smart and excels in school. Braeden enjoys being active in sports and is also a talented artist who enjoys playing his guitar, writing and listening to music. Braeden is very funny and is full of banter, he will never fail to make you laugh. Braeden sometimes struggles with regulating his emotions and wants to be adopted by a family who is patient and supportive of his needs. Braeden does best in environments with a lot of structure and planned activities. 

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Image 4: Meet Zach

Meet Zach

Zach is 15 years old and looking for a permanent home. Zach enjoys playing video games, building computers, being around animals, and all types of outdoor activities. He is musically talented and intelligent. Zach is driven to complete his goals in life, including getting his driver's permit, and wants to be successful. Zach would do best in a home as the only child, but he would also do okay in a home with older children. He can get emotionally dysregulated.  A patient and laid-back family would be his preference to help him handle his emotions. 

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Thank you Colorado Kids Belong

Larimer County would like to thank Colorado Kids Belong for providing local photo and video shoots for our waiting children and youth.