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Options for Long Term Care (OLTC) provides access to publicly funded programs, providing support to people with disabling functional conditions and limited finances. These programs are designed to help people continue to live in their own homes or in other community settings, as alternatives to nursing home care.

OLTC provides assessment and ongoing case management to older and disabled low income individuals who are in need of long term care services in their own homes or alternative care facilities, and provides assessment for people in need of placement in a skilled facility. OLTC currently provides ongoing services to approximately 1300 Larimer County residents outside of nursing facilities, with the goal of providing long term care in the settings requested by clients and their families and utilizing Medicaid in the most cost effective manner.

Long Term Care Programs

Home and Community Based Services include:

  • Elderly, Blind, Physically Disabled (EDB) - Serves adults (18+) who need care on a long term basis due to age and/or physical disability.
  • Community Mental Health Support Services (CMHS) - Serves adults (18+) who need care/supervision on a long term basis due to major mental illness.
  • Brain Injury (BI) - Serves people age 16 to 64 who have a brain injury and as a result require extra support to live in their home.
  • Children with Life Limiting Illness (CLLI) - Serves children birth through age 18 who have a life limiting illness as certified by a physician.
  • Home Care Allowance - Serves children and adults who need help to meet basic needs like homemaking and personal care.  
  • Nursing Home Placement - Assesses adults living in the community who request assessment for possible nursing home placement.

Financial Eligibility for Long-Term Care

Eligibility for all programs is based on financial need as well as functional disability criteria.  

  • Applicants must apply for Medicaid/Health First Colorado.
  • A case manager must assess the applicant's functional eligibility.
  • Applicants under age 65 must meet federal disability requirements.  

Our Home and Community Based Services program is now accessible to couples requiring spousal protection.  This is a program that allows a couple with higher resources to apply for assistance for the disabled spouse while protecting the assets of the non-recipient spouse. 

How to Apply

Applicants must apply for Health First Colorado (Medicaid) as eligibility is based on financial need as well as functional disability criteria. Applicants under the age of 65 must meet federal disability requirements.  To apply, call 970-498-7780 and request a telephone screening for services. An in-home functional assessment could follow to determine eligibility.

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