To describe how the County will administer the employment application process, hiring, and related issues. This information will serve to inform employees and guide them in the area of employment opportunities provided by the County.

I - General Policy
II - Application for Employment
III - Advertising Vacancies and Announcements
IV - Screening Employment Applications
V - Onboarding
VI - Immigration Reform and Control Compliance
VII - Limited Term Employee
VIII - Background Checks
IX - Sign On Bonuses

331.2.17 PRIVACY AND SECURITY OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION (This policy will be replaced with a series (190 series) of HIPAA Policies created by the County Attorney with a HIPAA consultant [Oct 2020] after hiring a Privacy Officer)

Larimer County is a hybrid entity that has designated certain covered functions and health care plans as health care components under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (reference A).  This procedure is intended to ensure that Larimer County’s designated health care components comply with HIPAA, its regulations and applicable law(s) (reference G); to provide a process for safeguarding protected health information (PHI); to provide a process for reviewing complaints about this issue and to provide for the training of existing and new personnel who handle protected health information (reference P).

I - General Policy
II - Definitions
III - Designation of Health Care Components
IV - Privacy Officer and Contact Office
V - Training
VI - Safeguards to Protect Privacy
VII - Responsibility to Mitigate Results of Violation
VIII - Disciplinary Action
IX - Prohibition of Retaliatory Action
X - Responsibility to Document Compliance Activity
XI - Prohibition Against Waivers of Individual Rights
XII - Complaint Process
XIII - Notice of Right and Responsibility to Amend


To provide employees with information regarding their primary conditions of employment, so that each employee can make his or her best effort to perform the duties of the job assigned and to abide by the personnel policies and procedures of the County.

I - Limited Term Employees
II - Probation
III - Performance Evaluation
IV - Hours of Work
V - Rest Periods and Lunch Breaks
VI - Smoking Prohibited
VII - More than One County Job and Outside Employment
VIII - Personnel Files
IX - Personal Information Changes
X - Release of Employee Information
XI - Legally Mandated Release of Employee Information
XII - Temporary Suspension of County Operations and Closure of Facilities
XIII - Misuse of Official Information
XIV - Guaranteed Ride Home Program
XV - Teleworking Program
XVI - Employment of Related Persons
XVII - Separation From County Employment


I - Equal Employment Opportunity and Unlawful Harassment
II - Harassment or Discrimination Related to an Elected Official
III - Searches and Workplace Privacy
IV - Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
V - Workplace Violence
VI - Ethical Standards
VII - Political Activity


This Policy is intended to describe how the County will conduct compensation administration and related issues (reference G)

I - General Policy
II - Pay Increases
III - Determinating Pay
IV - Payroll Advances
V - Overtime
VI - Compensatory Time
VII - On-Call Compensation
VIII - Travel Time
IX - Guiding Principle Bonus Awards

331.6 - BENEFITS

This Policy is intended to describe how the County will conduct benefits administration and related issues.  This Policy will serve to inform employees and guide them in the area of benefits provided to them by the County (reference G).

I - General Policy
II - Definitions
III - Effective Date of Benefits
IV - Types of Benefits
V - Types of Leaves

VI - Leave Administration
VII - Affordable Care Act


This Policy and Procedure is intended to aid Larimer County in complying with the Family and Medical Leave Act (reference A)

I - General Policy
II - Eligibility
III - Purposes of FMLA Leave
IV - Definition of "Serious Health Condition"
V - Exclusions from the Definition
VI - Continuing Treatment by Health Care Provider
VII - Certification
VIII - Mandatory Use of FMLA Leave
IX - Amount of Leave Available
X - Protections
XI - Return to Work
XII - FMLA Medical Records
XIII - Enforcement of the FMLA
XIV - Emergency Family Leave - Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act


To establish consistent and defined policies for changes in the County's workforce (reference A).  A Decision Maker has the option to do one or more of the following: Reorganization, Reduction in Hours, Furlough, Layoff, or Job Changes.

I - Procedure
II - Reorganization
III - Reduction in Hours
IV - Furlough
V - Layoffs
VI - Employee Notification
VII - Reemployment After Layoff
VIII - Job Changes
IX - Problem Solving Options


To establish a process to review employee performance and conduct and to review Adverse Actions.

I - General Policy
II - Terms
III - Employee Status
IV - Processes
V - Basis for Corrective or Adverse Actions
VI - Performance Expectations
VII - Problem Solving
VIII - Adverse Actions
IX - Grievance





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