Here are a few Dos and Don'ts of interviewing.


  • Review interview guide, resume, and job description prior to interview.
  • Provide each interviewer with an interview packet including:
    • Job description
    • Job posting
    • Interviewees’ application & resume
    • Candidate evaluation forms with interview questions and space for notes
  • Create a great experience for the candidate.
  • Have a list of questions pre-planned.
    • Include questions from the approved general question list and position-specific questions.
    • Ask follow-up questions to explore initial responses and gain more understanding.
  • Keep all conversation focused on job-related information.
  • Ask the same questions of all candidates to ensure equality.
  • Allow the candidate the opportunity to express what they stand for and share experiences and abilities.
  • Listen closely.
  • Give the candidate your undivided attention.
  • Take notes.
  • Allow time for final questions and statements from the candidate. Thank them for joining.


  • Ask questions that would elicit information such as:
    • Race
    • National origin or ancestry
    • Religion
    • Gender identification
    • Sexual orientation
    • Marital or family status
    • Pregnancy
    • Mental or Physical Disability
    • Genetic information
    • Age
  • Ask personal questions or make unrelated small talk.
  • Interrupt the candidate when they are answering.
  • Ask leading questions that tell the candidate what you’re looking for.
    • You should ask questions that provide this information rather than telling them what you want to hear.
  • Over-sell position or over-promise.
  • Make up an answer to a question you are unsure of. If a candidate asks a question and you do not have the answer, tell them you will find the information and get back to them.
  • Use jargon or acronyms that a candidate may not be familiar with.

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