Larimer County's Salary Policy

The largest portion of the County's budget is for employee salaries. Like any other business, Larimer County must compete with other employers to hire and keep employees. Having qualified employees saves taxpayers money by providing services in a professional and efficient manner. Wages that are not competitive result in high turnover rates and expensive retraining of new employees.

Larimer County has adopted a philosophy of setting the pay structure at the market average of the job market. This means that when comparing jobs in the Northern Front Range and similar entities across Colorado, Larimer County will be paying average. We use the Mountain States Employer's Council surveys, which are an annual surveys of public and private sector jobs.

Report Salary Information for all Larimer County Government Employees

The Colorado Revised Statutes, under CRS 30-25-111 (1.5), require Counties to publish salary information for all their employees twice annually, in February and in August of each year. A newspaper is selected through a bid process, with the full listing going to the lowest bidder for publication as a "legal notice". The full listing published in February reports each employee by job title, and the total amount of wages paid to the employee during the prior year. The full listing published in August reports each employee by job title, and the monthly salary as of June 30th of the current year.

In addition to wages, all Larimer County employees are provided mandatory benefits (workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and Social Security taxes) which equal approximately 11% of wages; regular status employees are also provided non-mandatory benefits (medical, dental, life and disability insurances and a retirement plan) which equal another approximately 17% of wages.

Employee Wages

Job Title 2019 Gross Earnings
Accountant I54,716.65
Accountant I19,109.44
Accountant II70,431.58
Accountant II70,192.72
Accountant II63,463.75
Accountant II61,450.88
Accountant II57,708.61
Accountant II53,344.01
Accountant II52,880.00
Accountant II37,406.04
Accounting Manager95,276.57
Accounting Manager93,795.10
Accounting Manager93,794.91
Accounting Manager80,055.85
Accounting Manager79,779.44
Accounting Ops Sup Fin76,062.56
Accounting Supervisor68,497.63
Accounting Tech I30,340.71
Accounting Tech II51,667.76
Accounting Tech II50,230.72
Accounting Tech II49,549.84
Accounting Tech II49,524.87
Accounting Tech II49,482.98
Accounting Tech II48,847.19
Accounting Tech II48,478.67
Accounting Tech II45,556.61
Accounting Tech II44,854.13
Accounting Tech II42,269.83
Accounting Tech II37,225.60
Accounting Tech II34,287.54
Accounting Tech II30,485.38
Accounting Tech II25,163.34
Accounting Tech II21,334.45
Accounting Tech II3,232.14
Accounting Tech TEMP11,165.62
Accounting Tech TEMP6,379.99
Accounts Payable Tech II56,669.36
Accounts Payable Tech II49,649.85
Accounts Payable Tech II10,937.08
Admin Assistant II56,640.96
Admin Assistant II51,426.56
Admin Assistant II49,163.32
Admin Assistant II46,832.65
Admin Assistant II31,705.06
Admin Assistant II22,627.50
Admin Assistant II10,666.15
Admin Services Director89,160.21
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II62,505.32
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II61,386.93
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II61,385.67
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II61,178.98
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II59,143.15
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II58,634.03
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II58,014.83
Adult Protect Soc Cswk II56,770.94
Alternative Sentence Dir106,588.32
Application Prog Analyst79,234.69
Application Prog Analyst78,083.20
Application Services Mgr135,491.89
Application Services Mgr130,785.66
Applications Support Spec77,352.21
Applications Support Spec75,501.18
Applications Support Spec72,678.51
Applications Support Spec70,164.32
Applications Support Spec68,302.25
Applications Support Spec62,826.15
Applications Support Spec51,536.00
Applications Support Spec39,400.41
Applications Support Tech110,484.40
Applications Support Tech54,612.33
Appraiser I41,213.87
Appraiser I41,211.64
Appraiser I41,146.51
Appraiser I29,729.97
Appraiser I458.45
Appraiser I458.45
Assessment Specialist55,549.08
Assessment Specialist53,382.56
Assessment Specialist50,799.52
Assessment Specialist50,062.63
Assessment Specialist47,856.92
Assessment Specialist41,929.36
Assessment Support Mgr78,925.89
Assessment Tech I38,262.69
Assessment Tech I19,444.38
Assessment Tech II51,426.56
Assist Dir Community Corr96,183.04
Assist Dir Community Corr81,129.68
Assist Dir Fair & Event97,682.45
Assist Dir Road & Bridge101,077.30
Assist Event Coord TEMP11,226.00
Assistant County Engineer128,322.20
Assistant County Manager181,021.57
Assistant Landfill Mgr77,369.16
Assistant Ombudsman45,500.73
Assistant Ombudsman45,032.29
Assoc Dir Workforce Cntr94,152.13
Asst County Attorney I89,011.69
Asst County Attorney I87,563.75
Asst County Attorney II126,381.03
Asst County Attorney II105,576.93
Asst County Attorney II97,078.08
Asst County Attorney III154,041.14
Background Tech TEMP24,210.00
Background Tech TEMP12,225.00
Background Technician48,317.98
Behavioral Hlth Director132,557.53
Benefits Manager105,407.28
Benefits Spec67,822.34
Benefits Team Lead73,136.55
Benefits Technician51,224.57
BI Enterprise Svc Lead115,980.15
Bldg & Code Comp Coord89,486.00
Bldg & Code Compl Tech57,404.28
Bldg & Code Compl Tech45,599.00
Bldg & Code Compl Tech44,240.34
Bldg & Code Compl Tech33,428.11
Budget Director132,381.18
Building Inspector89,704.07
Building Inspector82,114.51
Building Inspector79,685.44
Building Inspector68,253.14
Building Inspector29,990.31
Building Maint Team Lead71,303.47
Building Maint Worker II50,735.97
Building Maint Worker II50,055.72
Building Maint Worker II46,164.91
Building Maint Worker II29,913.03
Building Maint Worker II27,515.46
Built Environment Planner50,352.62
Bus Relshp Mgr Team Lead119,255.30
Business Operations Coord70,020.67
Business Operations Coord69,407.89
Business Operations Coord64,442.58
Business Operations Coord63,967.95
Business Operations Coord59,255.28
Business Operations Coord54,297.39
Business Operations Coord53,996.77
Business Operations Coord53,324.94
Business Operations Coord51,086.50
Business Operations Coord34,458.20
Business Ops Manager81,527.93
Business Ops Manager75,730.92
Business Ops Manager74,357.26
Business Ops Manager73,616.33
Business Ops Manager71,732.09
Business Ops Supervisor75,565.31
Business Ops Supervisor63,939.99
Business Ops Supervisor60,198.47
Business Ops Supervisor54,192.03
Business Relationship Mgr97,888.63
Business Relationship Mgr59,969.95
Case Aide38,922.82
Case Aide36,259.71
Case Aide26,995.67
Case Aide18,437.97
Case Aide17,689.44
Case Aide17,217.64
Case Aide9,681.89
Case Aide4,530.31
Case Aide TEMP26,291.25
Case Aide TEMP14,126.25
Case Aide TEMP8,479.85
Case Manager I39,518.16
Case Manager I34,453.16
Case Manager I30,920.83
Case Manager I28,169.56
Case Manager I28,000.95
Case Manager I24,956.75
Case Manager I20,622.81
Case Manager I20,321.78
Case Manager I14,865.81
Case Manager I13,685.37
Case Manager I12,221.00
Case Manager I11,140.12
Case Manager I4,686.03
Case Manager II59,160.20
Case Manager II49,377.60
Case Manager II47,936.72
Case Manager II46,890.39
Case Manager II44,799.21
Case Manager II43,711.09
Case Manager II43,051.89
Case Manager II39,924.48
Case Manager II39,409.77
Case Manager II38,535.39
Case Manager II38,413.61
Case Manager II30,591.27
Case Manager II26,075.88
Case Manager II5,154.64
Chief Appraiser90,381.57
Chief Appraiser71,707.80
Chief Building Official111,783.59
Chief Deputy Assessor35,357.50
Chief Deputy Treasurer48,515.34
Chief Information Officer169,316.90
Chief Med Invest Dep Cor93,180.80
Child & Family Serv Mangr122,291.80
Child Support Manager75,631.40
Child Support Manager61,853.16
Child Support Tech I34,104.80
Child Support Tech I28,116.32
Child Support Tech I14,439.79
Child Support Tech I12,134.12
Child Support Tech I12,063.10
Child Support Tech I10,934.11
Child Support Tech II56,823.09
Child Support Tech II55,583.34
Child Support Tech II55,475.01
Child Support Tech II51,153.16
Child Support Tech II51,054.54
Child Support Tech II49,466.35
Child Support Tech II45,548.53
Child Support Tech II40,902.56
Child Support Tech II40,142.26
Child Support Tech II39,794.56
Child Support Tech II36,729.99
Child&Family Svcs Dep Mgr101,915.42
Child&Family Svcs Dep Mgr100,665.54
Child&Family Svcs Dep Mgr90,889.79
Child&Family Svcs Dep Mgr81,104.96
Citizen Resource Tech68,645.29
Citizen Resource Tech42,569.40
Civil Deputy51,761.26
Civil Deputy Investigator68,267.33
Civil Engineer I60,710.03
Civil Engineer II74,400.00
Civil Engineer II69,285.72
Civil Engineer II62,615.38
Civil Engineer III81,688.08
Civil Engineer III78,989.49
Civil Process Server56,004.47
Civil Process Server55,448.43
Civil Process Specialist62,226.34
Civil Process Specialist57,557.63
Civilian Crime Scene Invs59,175.57
Civilian Op Spec TEMP19,008.15
Clerk & Recorder120,485.00
Clinical Director97,291.67
Code Compliance Inspector87,628.47
Code Compliance Inspector80,387.10
Code Compliance Spec53,952.00
Code Compliance Super87,618.43
Communication/Media Spec50,422.53
Communications Spec68,755.90
Communications Spec60,832.22
Community Corrections Dir120,427.21
Community Development Dir133,950.45
Community Relations Sup77,339.21
Concealed Handgun Per Spe55,305.71
Construction Manager II81,779.77
Corps Program Supervisor74,710.51
Corr Mental Health Therap60,065.07
Corr Mental Health Therap55,552.36
Correct Addictions Therap59,340.00
Correct Addictions Therap58,653.65
Correct Addictions Therap57,570.77
Correct Addictions Therap56,160.26
Correct Addictions Therap54,747.81
Correct Addictions Therap53,284.27
Correct Addictions Therap52,369.73
Correct Addictions Therap52,254.53
Correct Addictions Therap52,068.93
Correct Addictions Therap33,586.09
Correct Addictions Therap22,539.40
Correct Case Spec I55,675.04
Correct Case Spec I53,390.41
Correct Case Spec I50,965.20
Correct Case Spec I49,235.60
Correct Case Spec I46,568.68
Correct Case Spec I44,875.37
Correct Case Spec I43,263.11
Correct Case Spec II69,666.38
Correct Case Spec II69,094.67
Correct Case Spec II67,084.99
Correct Case Spec II66,455.27
Correct Case Spec II65,931.31
Correct Case Spec II63,690.31
Correct Case Spec II63,446.56
Correct Case Spec II62,593.60
Correct Case Spec II61,591.80
Correct Case Spec II61,096.06
Correct Case Spec II60,791.39
Correct Case Spec II58,682.17
Correct Case Spec II57,007.27
Correct Case Spec II55,826.33
Correct Case Spec II54,981.54
Correct Case Spec II53,706.42
Correct Case Spec II50,917.36
Correct Case Spec II49,374.56
Correct Case Spec II49,016.29
Correct Case Spec II49,014.49
Correct Case Spec II48,913.91
Correct Case Spec TEMP17,144.50
Correct Case Spec TEMP786.90
Correct Srvcs Spec I53,938.42
Correct Srvcs Spec I51,136.68
Correct Srvcs Spec I44,947.01
Correct Srvcs Spec I44,122.54
Correct Srvcs Spec I43,414.96
Correct Srvcs Spec I43,255.89
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,966.02
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,807.98
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,595.86
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,106.97
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,094.90
Correct Srvcs Spec I42,048.91
Correct Srvcs Spec I40,549.28
Correct Srvcs Spec I40,274.81
Correct Srvcs Spec I39,819.06
Correct Srvcs Spec I39,526.52
Correct Srvcs Spec I28,244.61
Correct Srvcs Spec I27,731.01
Correct Srvcs Spec I21,533.44
Correct Srvcs Spec I19,766.85
Correct Srvcs Spec I19,001.74
Correct Srvcs Spec I16,313.06
Correct Srvcs Spec I14,943.47
Correct Srvcs Spec I14,815.01
Correct Srvcs Spec I12,692.91
Correct Srvcs Spec I12,207.75
Correct Srvcs Spec II71,321.36
Correct Srvcs Spec II61,007.00
Correct Srvcs Spec II56,342.06
Correct Srvcs Spec II55,443.69
Correct Srvcs Spec II55,249.15
Correct Srvcs Spec II55,016.77
Correct Srvcs Spec II54,419.66
Correct Srvcs Spec II54,177.53
Correct Srvcs Spec II53,570.17
Correct Srvcs Spec II53,516.99
Correct Srvcs Spec II52,222.59
Correct Srvcs Spec II51,530.97
Correct Srvcs Spec II51,155.95
Correct Srvcs Spec II49,883.73
Correct Srvcs Spec II49,518.72
Correct Srvcs Spec II49,515.26
Correct Srvcs Spec II49,359.31
Correct Srvcs Spec II48,853.83
Correct Srvcs Spec II48,386.88
Correct Srvcs Spec II48,087.43
Correct Srvcs Spec II47,898.16
Correct Srvcs Spec II47,752.29
Correct Srvcs Spec II47,707.69
Correct Srvcs Spec II47,399.47
Correct Srvcs Spec II47,070.68
Correct Srvcs Spec II46,037.87
Correct Srvcs Spec II45,972.96
Correct Srvcs Spec II45,644.44
Correct Srvcs Spec II44,475.94
Correct Srvcs Spec II44,009.76
Correct Srvcs Spec II42,433.97
Correct Srvcs Spec II42,335.49
Correct Srvcs Spec II41,336.28
Correct Srvcs Spec II36,141.75
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP24,909.41
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP23,115.08
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP13,746.29
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP13,272.96
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP9,819.99
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP9,164.87
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP6,893.05
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP4,032.40
Correct Srvcs Wrkrs TEMP2,600.14
Correct Svs Mgr Prog Svs87,439.06
Correctional Services Mgr87,395.65
Correctional Services Mgr86,518.69
Correctional Services Mgr78,087.21
Correctional Svcs Super78,478.83
Correctional Svcs Super72,455.38
Correctional Svcs Super71,560.02
Correctional Svcs Super69,744.85
County Attorney218,543.95
County Commissioner120,485.00
County Commissioner113,490.00
County Commissioner113,490.00
County Engineer142,936.83
County Manager203,932.79
Court & Booking Data Spec58,581.92
Court Services Spec I61,571.36
Court Services Spec I47,017.85
Court Services Spec I44,164.38
Court Services Spec I38,842.70
Court Services Spec I33,916.16
Court Services Spec I29,018.40
Court Services Spec I26,527.69
Court Services Spec II70,593.86
Court Services Spec II62,922.80
Court Services Spec II61,970.90
Court Services Spec II61,563.36
Court Services Spec II61,118.43
Court Services Spec II60,238.19
Court Services Spec II60,039.95
Court Services Spec II58,908.42
Court Services Spec II56,407.02
Court Services Spec II53,186.99
Court Services Spec II51,639.31
Court Services Spec II45,659.00
Court Services Spec II44,888.89
CPIR Director83,461.52
Crime Analyst75,404.34
Data Analyst29,869.78
Database Administrator110,261.01
Department Spec I40,582.21
Department Spec I35,988.84
Department Spec I32,718.76
Department Spec I30,247.39
Department Spec I22,995.13
Department Spec I21,211.23
Department Spec I19,056.52
Department Spec I18,004.30
Department Spec I17,818.19
Department Spec I8,787.25
Department Spec I8,787.25
Department Spec I7,459.96
Department Spec I6,401.67
Department Spec I5,188.85
Department Spec I4,883.61
Department Spec II52,421.45
Department Spec II51,628.55
Department Spec II51,426.63
Department Spec II51,426.53
Department Spec II51,424.63
Department Spec II50,423.23
Department Spec II49,073.18
Department Spec II47,721.05
Department Spec II47,098.93
Department Spec II46,705.78
Department Spec II44,116.67
Department Spec II44,048.81
Department Spec II43,798.29
Department Spec II43,680.60
Department Spec II42,963.15
Department Spec II42,893.55
Department Spec II42,725.89
Department Spec II42,446.54
Department Spec II42,092.12
Department Spec II41,786.32
Department Spec II41,222.72
Department Spec II40,711.96
Department Spec II39,055.94
Department Spec II39,053.48
Department Spec II38,369.80
Department Spec II37,596.54
Department Spec II37,138.02
Department Spec II36,458.94
Department Spec II36,010.78
Department Spec II35,496.41
Department Spec II33,730.73
Department Spec II33,460.46
Department Spec II32,907.91
Department Spec II31,455.61
Department Spec II30,013.33
Department Spec II29,569.50
Department Spec II27,664.55
Department Spec II27,008.97
Department Spec II22,266.97
Department Spec II21,284.99
Department Spec II20,731.80
Department Spec II20,426.02
Department Spec II19,934.46
Department Spec II18,801.82
Department Spec II12,396.13
Department Spec TEMP35,482.84
Department Spec TEMP17,077.77
Dept Training Analyst70,805.35
Deputy Certified109,126.76
Deputy Certified98,762.75
Deputy Certified98,566.57
Deputy Certified98,376.40
Deputy Certified96,838.44
Deputy Certified96,087.47
Deputy Certified95,111.84
Deputy Certified93,880.94
Deputy Certified93,744.75
Deputy Certified92,593.34
Deputy Certified91,548.26
Deputy Certified91,218.20
Deputy Certified91,154.48
Deputy Certified90,897.12
Deputy Certified90,536.45
Deputy Certified90,051.06
Deputy Certified89,923.07
Deputy Certified89,742.39
Deputy Certified89,410.12
Deputy Certified89,296.58
Deputy Certified88,604.83
Deputy Certified88,180.77
Deputy Certified88,176.57
Deputy Certified88,107.88
Deputy Certified88,081.70
Deputy Certified88,003.56
Deputy Certified87,430.91
Deputy Certified86,991.92
Deputy Certified86,717.91
Deputy Certified86,700.27
Deputy Certified86,498.29
Deputy Certified86,024.41
Deputy Certified85,516.20
Deputy Certified85,505.14
Deputy Certified84,720.74
Deputy Certified84,156.46
Deputy Certified83,899.10
Deputy Certified83,617.95
Deputy Certified83,454.46
Deputy Certified82,870.59
Deputy Certified82,238.21
Deputy Certified81,767.84
Deputy Certified81,567.78
Deputy Certified81,272.93
Deputy Certified80,936.29
Deputy Certified80,456.51
Deputy Certified79,780.20
Deputy Certified79,555.49
Deputy Certified78,849.29
Deputy Certified78,620.91
Deputy Certified78,558.22
Deputy Certified78,368.00
Deputy Certified78,240.99
Deputy Certified78,031.01
Deputy Certified77,884.47
Deputy Certified77,779.07
Deputy Certified77,025.15
Deputy Certified76,594.97
Deputy Certified76,352.05
Deputy Certified75,893.58
Deputy Certified75,888.25
Deputy Certified75,376.43
Deputy Certified75,297.31
Deputy Certified75,075.99
Deputy Certified75,020.27
Deputy Certified72,554.96
Deputy Certified72,356.51
Deputy Certified72,073.01
Deputy Certified71,694.00
Deputy Certified71,039.73
Deputy Certified70,922.01
Deputy Certified70,220.63
Deputy Certified69,952.92
Deputy Certified69,858.77
Deputy Certified69,622.66
Deputy Certified68,921.56
Deputy Certified68,906.30
Deputy Certified68,756.14
Deputy Certified68,584.90
Deputy Certified68,445.71
Deputy Certified67,909.61
Deputy Certified67,738.38
Deputy Certified67,615.95
Deputy Certified67,073.16
Deputy Certified66,940.76
Deputy Certified65,979.17
Deputy Certified65,632.21
Deputy Certified65,467.76
Deputy Certified65,262.04
Deputy Certified65,017.36
Deputy Certified64,557.86
Deputy Certified64,405.52
Deputy Certified64,107.89
Deputy Certified63,578.15
Deputy Certified62,502.03
Deputy Certified62,447.09
Deputy Certified61,694.06
Deputy Certified60,901.54
Deputy Certified60,072.47
Deputy Certified57,733.13
Deputy Certified55,683.05
Deputy Certified39,985.34
Deputy Certified37,155.31
Deputy Certified9,391.83
Deputy Certified8,904.52
Deputy Certified8,904.52
Deputy Certified8,904.52
Deputy Certified8,904.52
Deputy County Attorney183,132.45
Deputy Desk91,847.02
Deputy Desk65,906.38
Deputy Desk63,563.23
Deputy Desk54,326.04
Deputy Desk53,944.04
Deputy Non Certified86,375.69
Deputy Non Certified85,451.95
Deputy Non Certified80,579.27
Deputy Non Certified78,502.43
Deputy Non Certified78,007.70
Deputy Non Certified75,991.32
Deputy Non Certified75,395.25
Deputy Non Certified74,950.99
Deputy Non Certified74,450.42
Deputy Non Certified73,706.80
Deputy Non Certified72,831.27
Deputy Non Certified72,579.48
Deputy Non Certified69,846.85
Deputy Non Certified69,552.73
Deputy Non Certified69,093.69
Deputy Non Certified67,263.48
Deputy Non Certified67,028.11
Deputy Non Certified66,730.27
Deputy Non Certified66,079.06
Deputy Non Certified65,883.89
Deputy Non Certified64,982.03
Deputy Non Certified63,897.57
Deputy Non Certified63,341.47
Deputy Non Certified63,209.49
Deputy Non Certified60,961.26
Deputy Non Certified60,143.94
Deputy Non Certified59,288.92
Deputy Non Certified58,815.23
Deputy Non Certified58,606.70
Deputy Non Certified57,467.82
Deputy Non Certified57,135.75
Deputy Non Certified57,103.34
Deputy Non Certified56,575.40
Deputy Non Certified56,318.92
Deputy Non Certified54,125.22
Deputy Non Certified53,860.87
Deputy Non Certified52,367.26
Deputy Non Certified51,917.83
Deputy Non Certified51,783.75
Deputy Non Certified51,783.13
Deputy Non Certified50,638.60
Deputy Non Certified48,962.00
Deputy Non Certified48,668.10
Deputy Non Certified48,485.59
Deputy Non Certified47,802.61
Deputy Non Certified45,945.18
Deputy Non Certified37,000.34
Deputy Non Certified36,224.26
Deputy Non Certified35,473.97
Deputy Non Certified35,277.57
Deputy Non Certified34,133.93
Deputy Non Certified22,039.18
Deputy Non Certified20,840.35
Deputy Non Certified20,747.19
Deputy Non Certified20,592.36
Deputy Non Certified20,356.34
Deputy Non Certified20,230.45
Deputy Non Certified10,932.81
Deputy Non Certified9,714.62
Deputy Non Certified9,645.39
Deputy Non Certified9,494.72
Deputy Non Certified9,447.52
Deputy Non Certified9,362.54
Deputy Non Certified9,189.45
Deputy Non Certified8,469.54
Deputy Non Certified8,359.40
Deputy Non Certified8,227.22
Deputy Treas Fin & Acct102,938.37
Digital Evidence Tech64,964.29
Dir of Criminal Justice154,050.15
Director of Assess Admin103,559.10
Director of Emergency Mgm125,749.04
Distrib Center Supervisor63,464.20
ECM Administrator81,149.56
Econ & Workforce Dvlp Dir102,626.54
Ed Center Attendant TEMP8,388.64
Edu & Volunt Specialist22,643.74
Education & Volunteer Sup51,949.69
Elected Official-Surveyor7,590.96
Elections Coordinator65,504.17
Elections Coordinator57,293.23
Elections Judge IV TEMP15,107.75
Elections Judge IV TEMP6,408.50
Elections Manager91,078.04
Elections Tech51,372.91
Elections Tech44,729.29
Elections Tech43,554.16
Elections Tech34,861.41
Elections Tech31,077.00
Elections Tech17,691.75
Elections Tech11,897.36
Elections Tech9,866.06
Electrician Tech70,029.09
Emergency Comm Op TEMP17,066.08
Emergency Commun Manager116,381.44
Emergency Commun Operator72,259.09
Emergency Commun Operator69,680.88
Emergency Commun Operator65,169.49
Emergency Commun Operator63,182.94
Emergency Commun Operator61,316.83
Emergency Commun Operator57,970.47
Emergency Commun Operator56,521.99
Emergency Commun Operator48,656.69
Emergency Commun Operator43,737.75
Emergency Commun Operator37,984.83
Emergency Commun Operator37,868.72
Emergency Commun Operator16,581.18
Emergency Commun Operator3,447.57
Emergency Commun Super83,157.62
Emergency Commun Super72,880.28
Emergency Commun Super67,987.14
Emergency Commun Super63,703.79
Emergency Mgmt Coord68,594.57
Emergency Mgmt Coord66,776.54
Emergency Operations Mgr126,565.06
Emergency Services Spec94,794.49
Emergency Services Spec93,932.18
Emergency Services Spec30,372.58
Emergency Services Tech51,044.36
Employee Relations Mgr115,583.19
Employee Reltns Team Lead84,123.49
Employment Spec TEMP3,200.00
Employment Specialist34,668.49
Employment Tech Consult68,062.65
Employment Tech Consult67,960.16
Employment Tech Consult67,935.32
Employment Tech Consult67,730.56
Employment Tech Consult60,108.12
Employment Tech Consult58,887.40
Employment Tech Consult55,027.78
Employment Tech Consult51,411.75
Employment Tech Consult51,239.42
Employment Tech Consult29,825.44
Engineering Tech I53,109.39
Engineering Tech I37,249.38
Engineering Tech II67,753.07
Engineering Tech II67,753.02
Engineering Tech II67,390.91
Engineering Tech II65,300.32
Engineering Tech II56,284.12
Enterprise GIS Team Lead101,791.91
Enterprise Portfolio Mgr104,638.00
Enterprise Services Dir135,542.50
Enterprise Training Coord86,560.11
Env Health Serv Dir TEMP63,300.00
Environ Health Planner80,623.32
Environ Health Spec I32,449.65
Environ Health Spec I31,873.52
Environ Health Spec I19,694.68
Environ Health Spec II67,423.48
Environ Health Spec II67,409.19
Environ Health Spec II18,110.96
Environ Health Spec Lead74,503.64
Environ Health Spec Lead66,104.65
Environ Health Spec Lead66,094.38
Environ Hlth Services Dir55,346.27
Environmental Coord Spec71,183.59
Environmental Coord Spec68,469.10
Environmental Educator52,444.76
EPR Regional Epidemiolgst69,757.00
EPR Regional Staff Gen69,316.09
Equip Maintenance Tech62,315.10
Equip Maintenance Tech62,258.22
Equip Maintenance Tech62,258.19
Equip Maintenance Tech58,239.96
Equip Maintenance Tech43,085.11
Equip Maintenance Tech35,881.32
Equip Maintenance Tech11,440.00
Equip Maintenance Tech10,810.12
Equip Operator Team Lead85,329.31
Equip Operator Team Lead84,389.51
Equip Operator Team Lead81,638.55
Equip Operator Team Lead80,301.22
Equip Operator Team Lead80,009.29
Equip Operator Team Lead79,570.99
Equip Operator Team Lead77,773.24
Equip Operator Team Lead76,104.20
Equip Operator Team Lead75,570.29
Equip Operator Team Lead74,077.35
Equip Operator Team Lead73,828.06
Equip Operator Team Lead72,512.75
Equip Operator Team Lead70,605.59
Equip Operator Team Lead69,159.57
Equip Operator Team Lead67,295.12
Equip Operator Team Lead63,538.12
Equip Operator Team Lead49,366.78
Equipment Operator Journ51,962.67
Equipment Operator Journ49,633.92
Equipment Operator Journ48,086.46
Equipment Operator Journ47,983.01
Equipment Operator Journ45,861.31
Equipment Operator Journ44,390.09
Equipment Operator Journ39,610.40
Equipment Operator Journ28,943.96
Equipment Operator Journ23,978.70
Equipment Operator Master73,757.58
Equipment Operator Master71,733.44
Equipment Operator Master71,294.78
Equipment Operator Master66,967.07
Equipment Operator Master66,715.56
Equipment Operator Master63,115.58
Equipment Operator Master60,713.14
Equipment Operator Master60,216.52
Equipment Operator Master59,542.55
Equipment Operator Master58,869.23
Equipment Operator Master58,271.68
Equipment Operator Master56,750.94
Equipment Operator Master54,317.93
Equipment Operator Senior68,852.67
Equipment Operator Senior62,011.41
Equipment Operator Senior58,259.28
Equipment Operator Senior57,958.54
Equipment Operator Senior56,406.93
Equipment Operator Senior56,098.96
Equipment Operator Senior55,007.56
Equipment Operator Senior54,085.30
Equipment Operator Senior52,707.61
Equipment Operator Senior52,558.44
Equipment Operator Senior51,876.85
Equipment Operator Senior50,879.56
Equipment Operator Senior47,866.77
Equipment Operator Senior37,289.88
Equipment Operator Senior31,598.09
Equipment Operator Senior8,999.30
Equipment Parts Tech48,755.93
Equipment Parts Tech44,182.34
Event Coordinator I33,866.10
Event Coordinator II55,009.12
Event Coordinator II10,803.52
Events Operation A/V Tech48,460.18
Events Operation Worker I42,157.81
Events Operation Worker I14,969.31
Events Operation Wrker II54,449.09
Events Ops Supervisor75,515.47
Events Ops Team Leader60,446.91
Events Ops Worker TEMP26,863.50
Events Ops Worker TEMP7,588.26
Events Ops Worker TEMP4,068.75
Events Ops Worker TEMP630.00
Events Ops Worker TEMP336.00
Evidence Specialist69,268.33
Evidence Tech44,313.08
Evidence Tech20,346.83
Executive Assistant66,815.88
Executive Assistant66,229.41
Executive Assistant60,305.06
Executive Assistant54,305.33
Executive Assistant53,713.06
Executive Assistant52,676.12
Executive Assistant32,637.28
Executive Assistant25,059.20
Fac Pln & Rel Est Grp Mgr92,630.07
Fac Srvcs Wrkr Team Lead53,401.99
Fac Srvcs Wrkr Team Lead50,884.11
Facilities Director135,656.21
Facilities Maint Manager99,197.13
Facilities Ops Manager81,543.88
Facilities Planner65,166.50
Facilities Svcs Worker II39,749.35
Facilities Svcs Worker II38,160.35
Facilities Svcs Worker II38,055.79
Facilities Svcs Worker II26,830.87
Facilities Svcs Worker II25,291.30
Facilities Svcs Worker II24,658.82
Facilities Svcs Worker II22,601.50
Facilities Svcs Worker II19,763.50
Fairgrounds&Event Ctr Dir134,205.29
Finance Director153,928.08
Firearms Examiner56,121.28
Fleet Maintenance Spec81,981.06
Fleet Procur & Parts Sup70,477.42
Fleet Services Director123,453.25
FLTI Facilitator TEMP4,500.00
FLTI Facilitator TEMP4,500.00
FLTI Facilitator TEMP4,000.02
FLTI Facilitator TEMP2,500.02
FLTI Facilitator TEMP2,500.02
FLTI Facilitator TEMP887.25
Forest Specialist74,387.17
Forestry Technician TEMP32,162.63
Forestry Technician TEMP22,155.38
Forestry Technician TEMP18,995.63
Forestry Technician TEMP14,363.25
Forestry Technician TEMP13,092.75
Forestry Technician TEMP9,528.75
Forestry Technician TEMP8,794.50
Forestry Technician TEMP8,571.75
Forestry Technician TEMP1,650.00
Forestry Technician TEMP1,254.00
Forestry Technician TEMP1,006.50
Forestry Technician TEMP984.75
Forestry Technician TEMP895.13
Forestry Technician TEMP833.25
Forestry Technician TEMP822.28
Forestry Technician TEMP676.50
Forestry Technician TEMP660.00
Forestry Technician TEMP635.25
Forestry Technician TEMP544.50
Forestry Technician TEMP470.25
Forestry Technician TEMP429.00
Forestry Technician TEMP404.25
Forestry Technician TEMP379.50
Forestry Technician TEMP346.50
Forestry Technician TEMP222.75
Forestry Technician TEMP107.25
Forestry Technician TEMP82.50
Forestry Technician TEMP82.50
Forestry Technician TEMP82.50
Forestry Technician TEMP82.50
Forestry Technician TEMP82.50
Forestry Technician TEMP49.50
Forestry Technician TEMP16.50
Forestry Technician TEMP16.50
Forestry Technician TEMP16.50
Forestry Technician TEMP16.50
Forestry Technician TEMP16.50
Fraud Investigator54,259.35
Fraud Investigator44,956.90
Fuels Module Squad Leader39,454.20
Fuels Module Squad Leader31,943.52
Fund Dev&Spcl Proj Spec62,271.11
GIS Architect126,361.88
GIS Specialist78,234.95
GIS Specialist68,561.01
GIS Specialist64,361.22
GIS Specialist2,800.00
Graphic Design Artist19,557.24
Hazardous Waste Assistant8,672.00
Hazardous Waste Tech53,910.56
Hazardous Waste Tech38,025.18
Health Dept Social Worker47,344.43
Health Ed Supervisor60,124.65
Health Ed Supervisor56,137.17
Health Educator56,254.88
Health Educator54,800.48
Health Educator52,045.59
Health Educator51,801.74
Health Educator50,277.57
Health Educator49,130.95
Health Promo Services Dir99,852.41
Health Services Director137,477.84
Hlth Promo/Outreach Spec45,044.37
Housekeeper I32,772.27
Housekeeper II40,834.02
Housekeeper TEMP23,024.30
HS Deputy Division Mgr85,605.16
HS Deputy Division Mgr80,973.59
HS Deputy Division Mgr73,760.08
HS Deputy Division Mgr68,339.91
HS Deputy Division Mgr31,075.76
HS Division Manager109,878.10
HS Division Manager50,419.58
HS Financial Analyst63,978.36
HS Program Coord Lead68,755.84
HS Program Coordinator62,139.83
HS Program Coordinator41,367.78
HS Training Specialist II60,836.93
HS Training Specialist II55,858.20
HS Training Specialist II49,866.68
Human & Economic Hlth Dir156,656.57
Human Res Clerk TEMP6,904.00
Human Resources Coord47,479.94
Human Resources Director142,584.09
Human Resources Tech61,218.99
Human Resources Tech61,131.14
Human Resources Tech48,786.92
Human Resources Tech44,366.02
Human Services Director126,291.02
Income Maint Manager68,756.50
Income Maint Manager68,033.89
Income Maint Manager67,689.01
Income Maint Manager58,723.94
Income Maint Manager58,292.43
Income Maint Manager57,498.19
Income Maint Manager55,367.05
Income Maint Manager48,573.97
Income Maint Manager36,267.43
Income Maint Tech I44,497.70
Income Maint Tech I39,467.57
Income Maint Tech I38,790.77
Income Maint Tech I38,388.47
Income Maint Tech I37,779.09
Income Maint Tech I37,020.21
Income Maint Tech I32,572.48
Income Maint Tech I32,127.85
Income Maint Tech I30,942.54
Income Maint Tech I20,170.90
Income Maint Tech I19,782.62
Income Maint Tech I19,760.37
Income Maint Tech I19,596.20
Income Maint Tech I15,219.60
Income Maint Tech I10,989.43
Income Maint Tech I9,656.10
Income Maint Tech I7,731.70
Income Maint Tech I1,846.02
Income Maint Tech I1,846.02
Income Maint Tech I1,712.89
Income Maint Tech I1,704.01
Income Maint Tech I1,562.01
Income Maint Tech II56,636.45
Income Maint Tech II55,358.03
Income Maint Tech II53,996.74
Income Maint Tech II53,704.77
Income Maint Tech II52,639.23
Income Maint Tech II50,725.00
Income Maint Tech II50,700.05
Income Maint Tech II50,016.16
Income Maint Tech II49,827.23
Income Maint Tech II48,981.46
Income Maint Tech II48,978.40
Income Maint Tech II48,792.13
Income Maint Tech II48,395.22
Income Maint Tech II48,088.64
Income Maint Tech II47,995.32
Income Maint Tech II47,939.53
Income Maint Tech II47,910.33
Income Maint Tech II47,879.56
Income Maint Tech II47,803.55
Income Maint Tech II46,919.11
Income Maint Tech II45,965.27
Income Maint Tech II45,930.19
Income Maint Tech II45,313.54
Income Maint Tech II45,287.48
Income Maint Tech II45,015.93
Income Maint Tech II44,810.67
Income Maint Tech II43,912.81
Income Maint Tech II43,641.85
Income Maint Tech II43,463.42
Income Maint Tech II43,446.92
Income Maint Tech II43,321.90
Income Maint Tech II43,094.96
Income Maint Tech II42,612.98
Income Maint Tech II42,556.45
Income Maint Tech II42,524.79
Income Maint Tech II42,519.71
Income Maint Tech II42,458.46
Income Maint Tech II42,423.25
Income Maint Tech II42,385.58
Income Maint Tech II42,354.11
Income Maint Tech II41,997.88
Income Maint Tech II41,817.29
Income Maint Tech II41,697.32
Income Maint Tech II41,142.35
Income Maint Tech II40,695.53
Income Maint Tech II40,124.99
Income Maint Tech II39,535.80
Income Maint Tech II37,104.37
Income Maint Tech II35,969.61
Income Maint Tech II13,146.08
Information Services Dir125,998.19
Information Specialist45,060.55
Information Systems Supt64,657.08
Information Systems Supt61,634.83
Information Systems Supt61,447.26
Inmate Labor Coord TEMP26,083.12
Inmate Transport Spec62,172.14
Inmate Transport Spec59,700.29
Intake Spec TEMP32,602.11
Intake Spec TEMP25,833.11
Intake Spec TEMP5,284.70
Intake Spec TEMP3,205.83
Intake Spec TEMP500.03
Intake Specialist54,914.23
Intake Specialist46,223.02
Intake Specialist34,891.71
Intake Specialist34,520.50
Intake Specialist18,956.37
Intake Specialist14,218.98
Intake Specialist4,598.91
Inventory Clerk36,189.04
Inventory Clerk35,586.85
Inventory Qual Ctrl Spec58,926.59
Investigative Tech II HS51,657.20
Investigative Tech SHR48,628.35
Investigative Tech SHR24,190.22
Jail Booking Coordinator63,366.34
Jail Booking Spec69,924.85
Jail Booking Spec65,432.60
Jail Booking Spec65,426.37
Jail Booking Spec64,619.40
Jail Booking Spec62,128.67
Jail Booking Spec61,202.63
Jail Booking Spec60,258.10
Jail Booking Spec59,727.64
Jail Booking Spec59,479.85
Jail Booking Spec56,124.13
Jail Booking Spec55,759.16
Jail Booking Spec53,193.69
Jail Booking Spec48,898.95
Jail Booking Spec48,697.41
Jail Booking Spec43,839.29
Jail Booking Spec26,090.31
Jail Cadet TEMP4,085.17
Jail Control Room Spec66,172.15
Jail Control Room Spec64,824.99
Jail Control Room Spec61,776.62
Jail Control Room Spec59,713.12
Jail Control Room Spec59,158.00
Jail Control Room Spec50,246.44
Jail Control Room Spec47,026.75
Jail Control Room Spec45,589.71
Jail Maint Ops Spec74,528.42
Jail Maint Ops Spec67,719.10
Jail Maint Ops Spec67,511.96
Jail Maint Ops Spec66,330.80
Jail Maintenance Manager90,179.29
Jail Maintenance Wrkr I27,735.56
Jail Program Manager94,621.59
Jail Program Manager80,178.85
Jail Program Spec70,635.47
Jail Program Spec59,951.95
Jail Program Spec59,724.37
Jail Program Spec59,722.16
Jail Program Spec TEMP10,400.00
Jail Services Supervisor77,078.66
Jail Services Supervisor65,933.81
Land Agent64,426.13
Land Agent TEMP41,326.00
Land Stewardship Tech I48,187.86
Land Stewardship Tech I48,116.97
Land Stewardship Tech II54,734.04
Landfill Gate Attend TEMP17,100.38
Landfill Gate Attend TEMP13,827.26
Landfill Gate Attend TEMP10,388.00
Landfill Gate Attendant37,420.38
Landfill Gate Attendant33,610.87
Landfill Gate Attendant31,484.36
Landfill Gate Attendant29,920.72
Landfill Worker I12,229.76
Landfill Worker I7,582.53
Landfill Worker II34,570.77
Landfill Worker TEMP10,894.58
Lead Building Inspector73,761.09
Lead HVAC Tech82,906.88
Lead Plans Examiner77,600.88
Leave Specialist39,234.37
Legal Assistant I49,831.28
Legal Assistant I48,449.37
Legal Assistant I47,938.66
Legal Assistant II52,890.41
Legal Assistant II33,145.50
Locksmith Tech62,090.72
Long Term Care Manager60,170.20
Long Term Care Manager56,216.33
Long Term Care Manager45,249.87
Maintenance Supervisor74,528.46
Maintenance Supervisor67,495.95
Maintenance Tech II45,868.47
Maintenance Tech II37,286.17
Maintenance Tech II36,016.00
Maintenance Tech III61,595.85
Maintenance Tech III52,371.35
Maintenance Worker TEMP26,518.32
Maintenance Worker TEMP26,257.70
Maintenance Worker TEMP26,121.38
Maintenance Worker TEMP25,853.25
Maintenance Worker TEMP25,040.63
Maintenance Worker TEMP19,476.00
Maintenance Worker TEMP18,562.50
Maintenance Worker TEMP13,956.00
Maintenance Worker TEMP13,653.00
Maintenance Worker TEMP9,526.50
Medical Assistant51,426.59
Medical Assistant28,103.27
Medical Director TEMP65,560.00
Medicolegal Invest I TEMP14,135.50
Medicolegal Invest I TEMP13,886.87
Medicolegal Invest I TEMP4,237.25
Medicolegal Investig I58,199.41
Medicolegal Investig I52,756.46
Medicolegal Investig I51,908.61
Medicolegal Investig I50,046.19
Medicolegal Investig I14,262.55
Medicolegal Investig II62,097.92
Medicolegal Investig II27,013.50
Medicolegal Office Mgr79,402.55
NAR Manager Land Steward76,305.39
Nat Res Mgr Visitor Srvcs90,492.55
Nat Res Mgr Visitor Srvcs90,434.31
Nat Res Mgr Visitor Srvcs90,132.65
Nat Res Mgr Visitor Srvcs83,481.70
Natural Resource Director116,834.40
Network & System Admin109,260.71
Network & System Admin108,975.74
Network & System Admin106,130.75
Network & System Admin93,353.02
Nurse Practitioner100,665.41
Nurse Practitioner52,742.86
Nurse Practitioner Sup88,839.01
Nurse Practitioner TEMP11,658.04
Nursing Supervisor100,665.17
Nursing Supervisor80,188.47
Nursing Supervisor75,525.10
Nursing Supervisor65,755.91
Nutrition Supervisor12,980.71
Nutritionist II78,381.25
Nutritionist II63,405.84
Off Asst Print&Mail Svcs39,815.92
Office Assistant30,597.83
Office Assistant27,672.65
Office Assistant18,304.00
Office Assistant TEMP1,282.05
Office Clerk TEMP21,566.64
Office Supervisor62,310.80
Office Supervisor60,840.81
Office Supervisor59,269.72
Office Supervisor58,809.89
Office Supervisor50,909.14
OfficeAsst/MailRm Team Ld44,557.04
Oper & Security Team Lead111,102.31
Payroll Manager79,179.59
Payroll Spec62,794.03
Payroll Spec60,786.19
Pers Property Appraiser48,656.51
Pers Property Appraiser34,670.67
Pers Property Appraiser480.29
Personal Property Superv68,074.54
Planner I14,538.50
Planner II77,219.90
Planner II76,631.95
Planner II68,913.99
Planner II54,968.80
Planner TEMP28,306.25
Plans Examiner68,536.12
Plans Examiner66,871.76
Plans Examiner27,589.14
Plans Examiner TEMP103,250.00
Plans Examiner TEMP21,509.09
Plans Examiner TEMP13,640.00
Plumbing Tech66,446.20
Principal Planner113,464.31
Prog Mgr Audit & Prog Dev85,075.12
Prog Qual Assurance Coord58,521.19
Prog Qual Assurance Coord49,618.83
Prog Qual Assurance Coord48,779.25
Prog Qual Assurance Coord46,757.89
Program Assistant TEMP3,434.96
Program Assistant TEMP2,625.00
Program Assistant TEMP2,096.88
Program Assistant TEMP857.50
Program Assistant TEMP702.00
Program Assistant TEMP399.60
Program Coordinator54,130.78
Program Coordinator47,880.19
Program Coordinator46,991.33
Program Coordinator45,667.20
Program Coordinator44,808.69
Program Integrity Manager64,549.71
Program Manager83,194.48
Program Manager26,441.82
Program Mgr Land Conserv105,067.12
Program Mgr Visitor Svcs116,374.78
Program Svcs Worker TEMP12,585.12
Project Manager75,430.99
Project Manager70,806.11
Property Resources Tech58,069.38
Pub Information Officer81,258.97
Public Affairs Coord52,276.87
Public Affairs Director80,679.84
Public Health Director145,999.98
Public Health Nurse II75,631.50
Public Health Nurse II75,631.50
Public Health Nurse II67,836.37
Public Health Nurse II64,911.67
Public Health Nurse II54,147.28
Public Health Nurse II53,919.99
Public Health Nurse II45,544.04
Public Health Nurse II39,117.38
Public Health Nurse II35,332.94
Public Health Nurse II35,095.68
Public Health Nurse II33,578.03
Public Health Nurse II29,844.43
Public Health Nurse TEMP81,214.95
Public Hlth Planning Sup72,137.37
Purchasing Agent II62,516.99
Purchasing Agent II51,212.31
Purchasing Contract Spec60,249.97
Purchasing Director85,104.43
Quality & Operations Dir120,538.78
R&B Functional Group Mgr90,039.50
R&B Functional Group Mgr86,543.46
R&B Functional Group Mgr83,159.16
R&B Functional Group Mgr79,120.08
R&B Functional Group Mgr72,466.79
Ranch Procurement Spec58,826.08
Recording Manager79,123.11
Recording Spec43,132.90
Recording Tech TEMP4,003.53
Recording Technician I46,921.17
Recording Technician I43,098.33
Recording Technician I41,609.09
Recording Technician I39,240.29
Recording Technician I26,299.40
Recording Technician I15,162.06
Recording Technician II43,815.13
Records Managemnt Tech II51,426.57
Records Managemnt Tech II46,890.04
Records Managemnt Tech II46,156.03
Records Managemnt Tech II45,970.40
Records Managemnt Tech II45,964.29
Records Managemnt Tech II43,161.16
Records Managemnt Tech II36,377.43
Records System Coord68,448.85
Recovery Agent44,497.46
Report Developer78,234.98
Resource Specialist II81,984.25
Resource Specialist II80,344.55
Restoration & Stward Spec54,702.96
Risk Management Coord58,922.20
Risk Management Coord52,569.94
Risk Management Coord32,798.91
Risk Manager105,295.95
Road & Bridge Director128,762.94
Sales Tax Administrator87,775.78
Seas Park Ranger Sup TEMP19,640.50
Seas Park Ranger Sup TEMP15,696.57
Seas Parks Maint Wrk TEMP15,618.75
Seas Parks Worker TEMP25,600.00
Seas Parks Worker TEMP19,552.50
Seas Parks Worker TEMP11,768.94
Seas Parks Worker TEMP9,725.65
Seas Parks Worker TEMP4,872.00
Seas Visitor Prk Aid TEMP15,799.51
Seas Visitor Prk Aid TEMP6,428.50
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP16,464.37
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP15,360.00
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP13,707.37
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP9,447.25
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP8,879.50
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP7,526.98
Seasonal Park Ranger TEMP6,742.00
Security Manager92,212.48
Senior Accountant85,269.87
Senior Accountant79,821.19
Senior Accountant74,775.71
Senior Accountant71,080.88
Senior Accountant69,226.18
Senior Accountant68,674.70
Senior Accountant29,648.00
Senior Accounting Tech57,565.18
Senior Accounting Tech57,521.38
Senior Accounting Tech56,921.93
Senior Accounting Tech56,570.66
Senior Accounting Tech56,569.36
Senior Accounting Tech56,561.22
Senior Accounting Tech56,487.72
Senior Accounting Tech55,225.95
Senior Accounting Tech54,174.77
Senior Accounting Tech53,058.11
Senior Accounting Tech51,559.07
Senior Accounting Tech50,828.49
Senior Accounting Tech50,203.08
Senior Accounting Tech50,053.90
Senior Accounting Tech49,740.79
Senior Accounting Tech46,593.90
Senior Accounting Tech45,852.32
Senior Accounting Tech44,582.79
Senior Accounting Tech41,453.30
Senior Admin Assistant62,226.39
Senior Admin Assistant58,392.42
Senior Admin Assistant54,815.86
Senior Admin Assistant30,515.07
Senior Admin Assistant23,131.07
Senior App Prog Analyst114,822.20
Senior App Prog Analyst113,617.26
Senior App Prog Analyst113,138.11
Senior App Prog Analyst112,918.40
Senior App Prog Analyst112,160.57
Senior App Prog Analyst108,489.31
Senior App Prog Analyst107,408.04
Senior App Prog Analyst105,815.80
Senior App Prog Analyst103,390.92
Senior App Prog Analyst102,591.95
Senior App Prog Analyst101,056.46
Senior App Prog Analyst93,120.91
Senior Appraiser78,614.39
Senior Appraiser78,505.66
Senior Appraiser77,898.77
Senior Appraiser77,591.21
Senior Appraiser77,516.64
Senior Appraiser75,094.08
Senior Appraiser68,725.10
Senior Appraiser65,144.72
Senior Appraiser63,821.39
Senior Appraiser63,697.57
Senior Apps Support Spec102,878.63
Senior Apps Support Spec90,582.83
Senior Apps Support Spec89,459.59
Senior Apps Support Spec77,526.20
Senior Apps Support Spec76,936.04
Senior Apps Support Spec45,124.97
Senior Budget Analyst84,508.74
Senior Building Maint Wkr62,171.97
Senior Building Maint Wkr52,631.45
Senior Bus Process Analys110,265.18
Senior Business Analyst105,445.06
Senior Business Analyst104,533.33
Senior Business Analyst99,455.61
Senior Business Analyst93,370.18
Senior Business Analyst89,941.22
Senior Business Analyst84,425.74
Senior Case Manager51,037.22
Senior Case Manager48,482.18
Senior Case Manager40,154.57
Senior Child Support Tech62,018.07
Senior Child Support Tech49,056.52
Senior Civil Engineer116,086.64
Senior Civil Engineer115,665.51
Senior Civil Engineer103,417.29
Senior Civil Engineer103,417.29
Senior Civil Engineer98,632.96
Senior Civil Engineer89,702.08
Senior Department Spec57,993.62
Senior Department Spec54,532.61
Senior Department Spec54,265.94
Senior Department Spec50,801.79
Senior Department Spec46,817.35
Senior Deputy Registrar58,255.77
Senior Employment Spec62,341.18
Senior Employment Spec62,265.35
Senior Employment Spec62,264.78
Senior Employment Spec62,144.49
Senior Employment Spec61,098.61
Senior Employment Spec54,235.36
Senior Employment Spec53,862.84
Senior Employment Spec53,706.15
Senior Employment Spec52,201.14
Senior Employment Spec51,522.09
Senior Employment Spec50,353.19
Senior Employment Spec50,165.07
Senior Employment Spec49,839.46
Senior Employment Spec49,794.74
Senior Employment Spec49,192.89
Senior Employment Spec48,500.51
Senior Employment Spec48,170.74
Senior Employment Spec47,638.81
Senior Employment Spec47,114.79
Senior Employment Spec44,244.66
Senior Employment Spec41,267.37
Senior Employment Spec38,551.06
Senior Employment Spec37,372.28
Senior Employment Spec35,398.76
Senior Employment Spec35,217.97
Senior Environ Hlth Spec82,931.03
Senior Environ Hlth Spec82,497.72
Senior Environ Hlth Spec81,083.10
Senior Environ Hlth Spec68,309.15
Senior Events Manager71,445.28
Senior Facilities Planner89,338.85
Senior Health Educator60,975.11
Senior HR Generalist85,268.30
Senior HR Generalist66,266.78
Senior Income Maint Tech60,078.01
Senior Income Maint Tech59,983.71
Senior Income Maint Tech51,236.03
Senior Income Maint Tech50,663.69
Senior Income Maint Tech48,857.27
Senior Income Maint Tech48,349.47
Senior Income Maint Tech48,241.40
Senior Income Maint Tech47,729.01
Senior Income Maint Tech47,373.17
Senior Income Maint Tech47,260.70
Senior Income Maint Tech46,321.62
Senior Income Maint Tech45,567.17
Senior Land Agent90,179.29
Senior Legal Assistant62,466.94
Senior Network Admin28,832.28
Senior Operations Manager99,021.72
Senior Planner85,268.20
Senior Project Manager113,009.66
Senior Public Hlth Nurse91,689.14
Senior Public Hlth Nurse88,920.32
Senior Public Hlth Nurse45,543.84
Senior Public Hlth Nurse35,661.96
Senior Ranger80,877.21
Senior Ranger73,035.91
Senior Ranger72,044.49
Senior Ranger68,388.16
Senior Records Mgmt Tech46,007.98
Senior Social Caseworker69,952.13
Senior Social Caseworker68,755.99
Senior Social Caseworker68,755.94
Senior Social Caseworker67,869.44
Senior Social Caseworker66,365.90
Senior Social Caseworker61,728.68
Senior Social Caseworker59,586.63
Senior Social Caseworker55,806.37
Senior Surveyor80,699.68
Senior Tech Support Spec84,846.50
Senior Tech Support Spec80,727.39
Senior Tech Support Spec78,855.34
Senior Tech Support Spec78,235.12
Senior Tech Support Spec78,235.05
Senior Tech Support Spec72,912.99
Senior Tech Support Spec72,351.77
Senior Tech Support Spec68,860.79
Senior Treasurers Tech45,113.68
Senior Treasurers Tech40,572.01
Sheriff Captain154,224.88
Sheriff Captain154,224.87
Sheriff Captain147,073.01
Sheriff Captain140,264.05
Sheriff Computer Svcs Mgr107,586.56
Sheriff HR Generalist70,686.00
Sheriff Records Manager77,954.40
Sheriff Records Sup69,305.09
Sheriff Records Sup54,186.38
Sheriff Records Sup46,343.28
Sheriff Records Tech61,395.08
Sheriff Records Tech50,204.78
Sheriff Records Tech49,990.97
Sheriff Records Tech41,697.88
Sheriff Records Tech41,555.49
Sheriff Records Tech41,510.21
Sheriff Records Tech41,461.20
Sheriff Records Tech41,321.02
Sheriff Records Tech40,730.63
Sheriff Records Tech40,691.52
Sheriff Records Tech40,612.82
Sheriff Records Tech35,913.77
Sheriff Records Tech29,620.80
Sheriff Records Tech21,413.92
Sheriff Records Tech6,220.16
Shop Foreman80,559.83
Shop Foreman46,299.45
Social Case Worker I48,326.09
Social Case Worker I41,219.20
Social Case Worker I36,347.84
Social Case Worker I36,320.79
Social Case Worker I32,045.75
Social Case Worker I26,621.44
Social Case Worker I26,043.04
Social Case Worker I25,668.32
Social Case Worker I25,293.60
Social Case Worker I23,449.97
Social Case Worker I18,663.09
Social Case Worker I14,426.72
Social Case Worker I14,052.00
Social Case Worker I7,494.40
Social Case Worker I7,082.67
Social Case Worker I6,182.88
Social Case Worker II66,864.79
Social Case Worker II66,705.33
Social Case Worker II66,705.28
Social Case Worker II63,458.23
Social Case Worker II62,605.28
Social Case Worker II62,505.38
Social Case Worker II62,505.34
Social Case Worker II62,505.30
Social Case Worker II62,505.30
Social Case Worker II62,505.30
Social Case Worker II62,505.29
Social Case Worker II62,505.29
Social Case Worker II62,505.29
Social Case Worker II62,505.28
Social Case Worker II62,505.28
Social Case Worker II62,505.27
Social Case Worker II62,002.95
Social Case Worker II61,271.42
Social Case Worker II61,253.88
Social Case Worker II61,162.67
Social Case Worker II61,003.68
Social Case Worker II59,143.16
Social Case Worker II58,953.89
Social Case Worker II58,474.25
Social Case Worker II58,436.31
Social Case Worker II58,288.62
Social Case Worker II58,157.41
Social Case Worker II58,026.56
Social Case Worker II58,026.55
Social Case Worker II57,961.14
Social Case Worker II57,895.71
Social Case Worker II57,830.31
Social Case Worker II57,786.68
Social Case Worker II57,526.02
Social Case Worker II57,207.13
Social Case Worker II57,095.74
Social Case Worker II57,068.58
Social Case Worker II56,641.36
Social Case Worker II56,619.83
Social Case Worker II56,525.65
Social Case Worker II56,491.39
Social Case Worker II56,179.90
Social Case Worker II56,125.82
Social Case Worker II56,067.94
Social Case Worker II56,067.93
Social Case Worker II56,015.20
Social Case Worker II55,721.66
Social Case Worker II55,633.51
Social Case Worker II55,284.01
Social Case Worker II54,489.00
Social Case Worker II54,341.27
Social Case Worker II54,149.48
Social Case Worker II53,753.55
Social Case Worker II53,202.27
Social Case Worker II52,885.00
Social Case Worker II51,509.83
Social Case Worker II50,953.03
Social Case Worker II50,004.12
Social Case Worker II48,355.59
Social Case Worker II48,259.68
Social Case Worker II47,640.24
Social Case Worker II46,385.19
Social Case Worker II45,516.19
Social Case Worker II45,359.35
Social Case Worker II43,719.50
Social Case Worker II41,497.19
Social Case Worker II41,067.04
Social Case Worker II29,893.20
Social Case Worker II28,450.08
Social Case Worker II27,729.29
Social Case Worker II18,142.08
Social Case Worker II16,971.24
Social Case Worker II14,394.24
Social Case Worker II6,932.13
Social Case Worker II6,184.80
Social Case Worker II2,680.08
Social Case Worker Mgr87,944.50
Social Case Worker Mgr86,994.48
Social Case Worker Mgr86,319.47
Social Case Worker Mgr84,744.48
Social Case Worker Mgr84,219.37
Social Case Worker Mgr83,994.47
Social Case Worker Mgr83,394.47
Social Case Worker Mgr83,392.12
Social Case Worker Mgr83,194.47
Social Case Worker Mgr83,011.98
Social Case Worker Mgr82,453.79
Social Case Worker Mgr82,169.35
Social Case Worker Mgr76,694.36
Social Case Worker Mgr76,575.55
Social Case Worker Mgr76,519.33
Social Case Worker Mgr74,089.02
Social Case Worker Mgr73,450.61
Social Case Worker Mgr71,691.48
Social Case Worker Mgr65,888.56
Social Case Worker Mgr65,771.83
Social Case Worker Mgr59,873.67
Social Case Worker Mgr58,883.07
Social Case Worker TEMP62,003.59
Social Case Worker TEMP43,832.43
Social Case Worker TEMP42,374.66
Social Case Worker TEMP38,228.36
Social Case Worker TEMP35,441.84
Social Case Worker TEMP22,788.80
Social Case Worker TEMP18,361.91
Social Case Worker TEMP16,949.62
Solid Waste Director137,673.45
Solid Waste Environ Spec82,730.58
Solid Waste Environ Tech50,396.03
Solid Waste Manager90,574.20
Solid Waste Manager49,940.00
Solid Waste Project Dir70,649.90
Solid Waste Team Lead65,764.12
Solid Waste Team Lead62,950.55
Special Counsel TEMP38,760.02
Sr Correct Services Spec80,980.99
Sr Correct Services Spec74,954.41
Sr Correct Services Spec72,263.79
Sr Correct Services Spec71,311.13
Sr Correct Services Spec66,083.23
Sr Correct Services Spec63,650.32
Sr Correct Services Spec62,636.30
Sr Correct Services Spec62,213.51
Sr Correct Services Spec61,981.56
Sr Correct Services Spec61,855.24
Sr Correct Services Spec60,145.78
Sr Correct Services Spec56,208.81
Sr Correct Services Spec54,767.23
Sr Correct Services Spec51,421.48
Sr Correctional Case Spec73,046.01
Sr Correctional Case Spec61,741.13
Sr Court Services Spec74,077.35
Sr Court Services Spec68,765.98
Sr Court Services Spec62,090.85
Sr Facilities Project Mgr102,981.90
Sr GIS App Prog Analyst102,067.39
Sr GIS Specialist78,605.79
Sr Health Ed TEMP24,671.62
Sr Land Stewardship Tech74,528.42
Sr Landfill Equip Operatr65,281.39
Sr Landfill Equip Operatr57,198.84
Sr Landfill Equip Operatr54,013.82
Sr Landfill Equip Operatr52,608.48
Sr Landfill Equip Operatr42,591.72
Sr Landfill Gate Spec45,283.74
Sr Landfill Operator TEMP27,700.32
Sr Systems Administrator107,130.65
Sr Systems Administrator95,321.66
Sr Transport Svcs Spec61,444.50
Subdivision Supervisor68,448.88
Sup Environ Health Spec93,763.96
Sup Environ Health Spec93,720.36
Sup Environ Health Spec88,554.05
Supply Specialist28,416.37
Supply Tech20,807.46
Support Staff Supervisor46,208.71
Systems Admin Team Lead122,543.84
Systems Admin/Microwave107,883.02
Tech Support Spec61,865.04
Tech Support Spec51,077.97
Tech Support Spec34,768.00
Tech Support Spec Radio80,517.64
Tech Support Spec Radio76,061.05
Technical Supt Spec TEMP19,779.38
Technical Supt Spec TEMP10,826.55
Technical Supt Team Lead86,058.50
Technical Svcs Suppt TEMP5,542.00
Technical Svcs Suppt TEMP1,677.00
Technology Suppt Serv Dir134,006.27
Traffic Ops Manager91,318.41
Trail&Project Supervisor58,998.22
Training and PREA Coord70,774.81
Training Coord/Sheriff57,899.40
Training Specialist51,279.42
Trans Station Attend TEMP12,388.04
Trans Station Attend TEMP12,256.37
Trans Station Attend TEMP1,669.77
Transport Services Spec52,011.66
Transport Services Spec47,300.60
Transport Services Spec45,576.76
Transport Services Spec44,552.44
Transport Services Spec41,727.41
Transport Services Spec15,983.00
Transportation Supervisor70,538.33
Treasurers Tech38,799.89
Treasurers Tech38,799.89
Treatment Services Coord68,056.37
Treatment Svc Ct Liaison39,340.80
Treatment Svcs Supervisor72,829.92
Treatment Svcs Supervisor67,877.23
Treatment Svcs Team Lead63,359.20
Tutors TEMP5,126.63
Tutors TEMP569.43
Vehicle License Asst Mgr72,015.02
Vehicle License Tech TEMP31,746.73
Vehicle Licensing Coord72,243.99
Vehicle Licensing Coord71,994.07
Vehicle Licensing Coord69,614.96
Vehicle Licensing Coord67,305.54
Vehicle Licensing Coord67,197.39
Vehicle Licensing Coord65,616.67
Vehicle Licensing Coord58,614.11
Vehicle Licensing Manager91,105.49
Vehicle Licensing Spec58,223.88
Vehicle Licensing Spec56,829.67
Vehicle Licensing Spec53,649.04
Vehicle Licensing Spec49,417.55
Vehicle Licensing Tech I36,950.51
Vehicle Licensing Tech I35,702.75
Vehicle Licensing Tech I34,831.34
Vehicle Licensing Tech I33,845.16
Vehicle Licensing Tech I27,093.75
Vehicle Licensing Tech I15,597.10
Vehicle Licensing Tech I14,450.08
Vehicle Licensing Tech I12,503.28
Vehicle Licensing Tech II54,574.45
Vehicle Licensing Tech II51,641.32
Vehicle Licensing Tech II51,163.87
Vehicle Licensing Tech II51,079.68
Vehicle Licensing Tech II49,561.16
Vehicle Licensing Tech II49,431.26
Vehicle Licensing Tech II49,382.39
Vehicle Licensing Tech II48,085.36
Vehicle Licensing Tech II47,577.78
Vehicle Licensing Tech II47,192.66
Vehicle Licensing Tech II45,979.33
Vehicle Licensing Tech II44,992.92
Vehicle Licensing Tech II44,415.27
Vehicle Licensing Tech II41,841.80
Vehicle Licensing Tech II41,598.11
Vehicle Licensing Tech II41,341.10
Vehicle Licensing Tech II40,298.01
Vehicle Licensing Tech II39,811.29
Vehicle Licensing Tech II36,257.44
Vehicle Licensing Tech II35,682.91
Vehicle Licensing Tech II34,247.58
Vehicle Licensing Tech II1,388.94
Veterans Srv Officer TEMP3,963.47
Victim Response Coord66,453.71
Victim Witness Spec47,253.84
Victim Witness Spec45,768.09
Victim Witness Spec38,769.38
Victim Witness Spec TEMP20,644.49
Volunteer Coordinator58,996.38
Warrant Extradition Spec58,062.86
Web Application Developer102,577.04
Web Service Team Lead123,172.78
WIC Educator I35,206.99
WIC Educator II47,398.57
WIC Educator II45,816.92
WIC Educator II45,770.18
WIC Educator II38,815.15
WIC Educator II36,656.93
WIC Educator II32,948.73
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP8,363.75
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP6,110.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP5,658.25
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP4,806.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP4,634.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP4,595.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP3,646.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP3,315.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP2,993.25
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP2,951.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP2,755.25
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP2,281.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP2,236.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP1,940.25
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP1,924.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP1,400.75
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP1,296.75
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP1,001.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP932.75
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP403.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP97.50
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP91.00
Work Experience(Clr) TEMP45.50
Work Experience(Ret) TEMP4,485.50
Work Experience(Ret) TEMP1,452.75
Work Experience(Ret) TEMP994.50
Work Experience(Ret) TEMP858.00
Workforce Economist73,227.21
Workforce Team Mgr81,603.63
Workforce Team Mgr78,114.30
Workforce Team Mgr77,523.78
Workforce Team Mgr74,297.85
Zoning Specialist63,412.48