1. Once you submit all application components, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that all information has been submitted.  You can also review your application status by viewing “Past Job Submittals” on your applicant dashboard.  The “Status” column will let you know the status of your application and the “Actions” column will provide you with the ability to click on “Continue Application” if the job posting is still open.icims screenshot

  2. As long as the job posting is still open, you have the ability to finish an application that is in an incomplete status.  Log in to the applicant portal or navigate to the applicant Dashboard if you are already logged in, go to “Past Job Submittals” and click on “Continue Application”.
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  3. Once an application is submitted you cannot revise the answer to the job specific screening questions. You are able to add attachments and update your application, however, once you submit your completed application and components, hiring managers are able to review them, so it is best practice to not make any changes.

  4. You can find the closing date listed in a couple different locations; the complete list of jobs and at the top of each individual job posting in the grey box below the title.  All job postings are open for a minimum of 8 days, and if a closing date is listed, all application components must be submitted by 10:00 PM Mountain Time.

  5. Continuous postings are used for positions that have eligibility lists or are filled throughout the year because the department has a high need for the position.  Please note that applications are reviewed on a regular basis and the posting may close at any time.  We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so you do not miss an opportunity to apply.

  6. Open Until Filled positions are used when the hiring manager is anticipating it taking longer to fill the position.  It is also utilized when hiring managers are anticipating hiring several people over a longer period of time.  This is common with seasonal positions as there tends to be a need for a higher volume of applicants. Please note that applications are reviewed on a regular basis and the posting may close at any time. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so you do not miss the opportunity.

  7. On average it takes 2-6 weeks for hiring managers to review applications and schedule interviews. However, the length of time varies significantly between job postings, hiring managers, and departments, and it can sometimes take longer.

  8. Log in to the applicant portal or navigate to the applicant Dashboard if you are already logged in, and go to “Past Job Submittals”.  This information will be listed in the “Status” column.
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  9. We recommend a general approach such as “To Whom it may concern” as there may be several hiring managers involved in the hiring committee.  If the hiring manager has a preference of who should be addressed in a cover letter, it will be specified in the “Other Information to Note” section of the job posting.  

  10. All application components must be submitted by 10:00 PM on the closing date.  If a posting closes while you are in the middle of submitting your application, it will not be accepted by the applicant tracking system.

  11. All of our job vacancies can be found by navigating to and clicking on the green “View and apply for current openings” button at the top of the page.  Scroll down to the table of jobs and click on the position name to view the details and locate the grey “Apply for this job online” button.  You will have to create an applicant account by clicking on the grey “Create Profile & Apply” button.

  12. Larimer County does not accept general applications, you must apply for specific job postings.

  13. Larimer County does not accept paper applications.  All application components must be submitted electronically via our applicant portal at

  14. While we may advertise postings on external sites, all applications must still be completed at  We do our best to make this clear in the job posting on other sites.

  15. Please set up personal job notifications here.

  16. Thank you for sharing our jobs with your friends!  If you find a job that your friend is qualified for and may be interested in, please share the job posting with them   by clicking on the job posting title from the table of jobs vacancies and click on  the grey “Email this job to a friend” button and fill out the short form to send the notification to your friend.

  17. Interested applicants can find employee benefits information by visiting our Benefits page.

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  20. Please email if you need a reasonable accommodation to apply.

  21. Click here to learn more about volunteering with Larimer County.

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  23. Please email if you have problems applying for a job or have any questions regarding the application process.

  24. Your privacy is important to us. Human Resources limits the access of the information you provide in your application to the HR Technicians that handle recruiting and the hiring team that is involved in the screening, interviewing and onboarding process.  Additionally, not all information you provide, such as the OFCCP forms that we are legally required to have you complete, are visible to everyone and are not used under any circumstance in the hiring process.

  25. We are legally required to have all applicants complete Pre-Offer and a Post-Offer OFCCP forms. This information is not visible to hiring managers and is never used in the consideration of candidates.

  26. Interviews will not be scheduled prior to the closing date on the job announcement. Once all the applications have been reviewed, the hiring manager will select the most qualified candidates and reach out to those candidates via email or phone to schedule an interview.

  27. Hiring managers screen applicants first for minimum qualifications, and then identify the other qualities and skills of the qualified applicants to identify applicants that will move forward in the application process.  The size of the applicant pool as well as skill level needed for the position will have a large impact on the candidate pool selected to move forward with the interview process.


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