The Pregnancy Related Depression & Anxiety and Mood Disorders Coalition (PRD/AMD) was initiated in 2014 by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, through the Maternal Child Health (MCH) block grant priority area of Women's Mental Health: Pregnancy Related Depression. Our goal is to reduce stigma associated with maternal mental health and to increase the number of women identified with PRD who seek treatment.   

The PRD/AMD Coalition is made up of health and human service-related representatives who seek to support women, families, and health care providers in achieving healthy pregnancies and improved birth outcomes in Larimer County. As a coalition, we strive to ensure that optimal care and services are provided to women in the prenatal and postpartum period as well as their infants, children, and families. We accomplish this through identifying gaps, barriers, strengths, and weaknesses of those living with pregnancy-related depression and/or mood disorder(s).