The process to create the five-year CHIP began after Colorado passed the Public Health Reauthorization Act in 2008. This legislation requires local public health agencies to create a health improvement plan, based on a community health assessment and with community input about priorities, at least every five years.

In 2013, the Larimer County Community Health Improvement team collected health focused data specific to Larimer County, and disseminated a Community Health Assessment. Following this assessment, community partners worked collaboratively to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) focused on two action areas within the community.

  1. Raising Healthy Children
  2. Promoting Mental and Emotional

From 2014-present, the CHIP team worked in the Larimer County community as a catalyst focused on fostering relationships between community groups working towards similar goals, and supported alignment and coordination of systems.

The fruits of this Community Health Improvement Plan Process can be seen in two exciting new initiatives. Leap, a project led by the Early Childhood Council, focused on strengthening and connecting systems so that all young children will be supported in their social development and emotional wellbeing in a culturally responsive manner, and in the Communities that Care project, which is an evidenced-based process that uses community collaboration to address the health concerns affecting youth by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors.

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Questions about the Community Health Improvement Plan?

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