To report a positive case of COVID-19 in your business, click here.  

What should I do if I think a Larimer County business or group is not following public health orders?

If you believe that a local business, group, or facility is not following statewide public health orders and is potentially creating a serious health threat to the community related to COVID-19, you may submit a complaint to the Health Department. You can submit your concerns about a Larimer County business or group that you believe to be violating statewide or local public health orders here.
Local public health departments and other municipal agencies are required to ensure that public health orders are being complied with in order to protect the health of the communities they serve. The goal is always voluntary compliance and collaboration with businesses in order to keep our community healthy.
What types of complaints does the Health Department address?
The Health Department prioritizes actions taken based on the potential for a serious health threat to the community, including:
  • a business that is actively circumventing or defying public health orders
  • a business that is allowing symptomatic or sick employees to work on-site without an alternative diagnosis to rule out COVID-19
  • a business that is refusing to work with public health when a confirmed outbreak is occurring in the establishment
  • venues or individuals holding mass group gatherings without registering their event with the Health Department
  • businesses that receive multiple complaints in a 24 hour period 


Should I report a business if I see some customers not wearing masks?

We recommend that businesses post signage to clearly indicate their mask requirements. If you see other customers not wearing face coverings, keep at least 6 feet of distance from them.  While we understand the frustration of observing someone inside a business not wearing a face-covering when you think they should be, please remember that the majority of businesses in Larimer County are doing their best to follow public health orders and keep their employees and customers safe. Please be kind and patient toward others whether they are wearing masks or not. Know what the COVID-19 precautions you'll be expected to follow when entering a business or other setting and respect those. Keep a clean mask with you and put it on if a business has signage that says masks are required or if a staff member asks you to put one on. 

See current Colorado requirements and guidance for wearing masks here. 

For Businesses: Enforcement 

If a Larimer County Health Department calls or if an inspector enters a Larimer County business or facility, management will be asked to discuss or show:

  • That they have implemented any COVID-19 industry-level practices or requirements
  • Employees understand the sick employee policy and that it is posted
  • Cleaning protocols have been shared with employees
  • Businesses and facilities should follow the guidelines for their industry. 

We want our businesses to thrive. We are also responsible for the health and safety of our community and for enforcing public health orders. If repeated complaints are received and follow-up inspections show continued non-compliance, a business might be issued an official Notice of Violation and might be required to close.