To the greatest extent possible, stick close to home when going out to recreate. Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from others, except for members of the same household by limiting capacity or staggering activities such as boat launching, tee times, or using other reservation-based systems to maintain physical distancing between users.

Face coverings to be worn when recreational activities are being done with other people. Groups of individuals recreating together should maintain physical distancing and be 10 or less people. Remember masks are to protect those around you, NOT to protect yourself. If you are out walking/running/hiking/jogging by yourself you do not need to be wearing a mask. 

Recreation that is closed:

  • Team sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, football, softball, etc.)
  • Contact sports (hockey, boxing, martial arts, etc.)
  • Playgrounds
  • Indoor playgrounds and play areas/facilities
  • Pools
  • Picnic areas and facilities at some trailheads are not available and some backcountry parking lots are closed or have limited capacity.

Recreation that is open:

  • Personal recreation-maintain physical distancing
  • Recreation equipment rentals
  • Tennis courts and golf courses-No groups over 10 people and maintain physical distancing. Do not share equipment (such as golf carts) and properly sanitize.
  • Local trails, bike paths and trailheads
  • Local and municipal parks and greenspaces

For information on what is and is not open in Larimer County for trails, natural areas, lakes, and parks, please visit the website for the area you are interested in visiting.