Expectations of Businesses


  • Businesses must post signage that clearly explains that masks are required when entering and while inside the facility.
  • To the greatest extent possible, employees should monitor those coming into the facility and ask those not wearing masks to do so. It is never the expectation that employees become confrontational with customers. It is the expectation that Larimer County residents will be kind to our local businesses and employees. We encourage those who can't wear masks to use the local pick-up and delivery options when possible.


  • Use stands for signs (e.g. sandwich boards) to increase the visibility of signage. 
  • Offer disposable masks at the entrance for those who have forgotten theirs.
  • Increase other mitigation strategies, if possible. This includes opening windows and doors for increased ventilation and having hand sanitizer available.
  • Promote alternate options such as curbside pick-up, delivery, virtual options, etc for customers who cannot or will not wear a mask in the facility.

Expectations of Residents and Consumers

  • Masks are required in all public indoor spaces by those ages 3 years old and older in Larimer County. Please carry a clean mask with you and be prepared to wear it when you enter a business or facility. Masks are not required outdoors.
  • If you can not or will not wear a mask, please support our local businesses by using online ordering, pick-up, and/or delivery services, if available. 
  • Please be kind and patient with staff at our local businesses when they remind you to put on a mask in their facility. 
  • If you observe a concern with a local business, venue, or facility:
    • Share your concerns with the business or facility with kindness.
    • Patronize the business in ways that reduce your risk of being exposed to others (i.e., curbside pick up, virtual, etc).
    • Consider patronizing local businesses that are taking steps to keep their staff and customers safe.

Submitting a Concern

We understand the frustration of observing people inside a business not wearing masks. We ask that our residents remember that most businesses in Larimer County are doing their best to enforce the mask order and keep their employees and customers safe. Local residents are also encouraged to share a concern with the health department when they believe it is clear that a business is actively working to circumvent and be willfully defiant of the local mask order, putting the health of the community at risk. Residents can submit a concern to us using this online form or by calling 970-498-5500.

Following-Up on Concerns

Concerns will be addressed based on complaints that are reviewed and prioritized. A member of our team will call a business once we have received multiple unique complaints about a particular business or facility. At that time, our staff will check in with management to discuss what steps they are taking to require masks and to offer suggestions and support if needed. If additional concerns are received, our staff will contact the business again and may arrange a site visit. If additional enforcement is needed, a written notice of violation may be given.