Septic Documents - Now Available Online

We have recently added the ability to locate and view septic documents on Larimer County's property records page. These documents can be viewed by searching for and selecting a property, and pulling up the 'Building Info' tab. If Larimer County has the septic documents on file, they will be linked there and can be viewed online.

Septic Application 

A septic system or on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS) is a self-contained, underground wastewater treatment system, most often utilized in rural areas.

The standard septic system involves a septic tank (to hold wastewater from drainpipes until solids settle out in the tank) and a system of pipes that distributes the remaining liquid waste underground over a large area — the leach field. The goal is to make sure that this filtration through the soil is sufficient to clean the wastewater before it reaches drinking water well sources or surface waters.

State and county laws require that a permit be issued by the department prior to constructing or making repairs to a septic system.

Septic Systems

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