Northern Larimer County CTC creates opportunities for all youth to thrive in a supportive, healthy, and inclusive environment.

Northern Larimer County CTC has convened and organized stakeholders in the community into the following operational groups:

  • Community Board
    • Work groups
    • Key Leader Board
    • Youth Action for Health

Together, these groups help to drive the CTC process in the community. The CTC community board data work group has conducted a data assessment to identify leading risk and protective factors among local youth, and has recommended priority areas to the community board. The community board has taken action to prioritize three risk factors (listed below). Next, the board underwent a community resource assessment to learn what gaps and opportunities exist in the community. This information was used to select strategies. The board is now in the process of action planning around each strategy area.

  1. Favorable youth attitudes toward problem behaviors (including use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco)
  2. Extreme economic deprivation
  3. Community laws and norms favorable toward drug use, firearms, and crime
  4. Community Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement
  1. Building Community Support for Ordinances, Regulations, Requirements for Establishments Selling Liquor, Marijuana, or Promoting Prescription Drug Use
  2. Build Public Support for District-wide Implementation of Evidence-Based School Social-Emotional Learning
  3. Build Public Support for Creating Community Spaces for Youth

The Community Board initially prioritized childcare strategies under economic deprivation, but ultimately decided to play a supporting role to other organizations doing this work in our community. The board will also be prioritizing a protective factor when 2017 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data become available in Summer of 2018. At that time, we anticipate adding one additional strategy related to the prioritized protective factor.

CTC is a community process. CTC relies on a wide variety of community partners in various sectors to help steer this process. Community partners involved in the Northern Larimer County CTC process include:

  • City of Fort Collins
  • Poudre School District
  • Colorado State University
  • UC Health
  • The Health District of Northern Larimer County
  • Larimer County Department of Human Services
  • TEAM Wellness and Prevention
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Partners Mentoring Youth
  • SummitStone Health Partners
  • Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County
  • The Youth Clinic
  • Crossroads Safehouse
  • Imagine Zero
  • The Matthews House
  • Harvest Farm

CTC community board meetings are open to the public. The CTC community board usually meets on the fourth Thursday of each month during the lunch hour.

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Youth Action for Health is a youth-driven coalition that works on health issues that matter most to young people in the Fort Collins area.  Members have the opportunity to build leadership skills, be a role model for their peers, and make a difference in our community. The coalition prioritized youth mental health and substance use as action areas they would like to focus on this year. In addition, Youth Action for Health acts as an advisor group to the CTC process to make sure young people’s ideas and needs are heard. All youth 12-18 years are welcome at our meetings and can gain community service or volunteer hours for their time.

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